Goji berries are chewy and taste like a cross between a cranberry and a cherry.

This creates its characteristic hard , glazed crust and chewy interior.

The beef was overcooked and too chewy to swallow.

This kind of chewy French bread is father's favorite.

Meaty: Describes red wines that show plenty of concentration and a chewy quality.
肉(味)的: 形容紅葡萄酒展現出大量的濃郁度以及一個耐嚼的性質.

你敢試嗎?代替喜瑞兒的各種吃法! (Will It Cereal? - Taste Test)

你敢試嗎?代替喜瑞兒的各種吃法! (Will It Cereal? - Taste Test) Image 14:03
  1. because they stay crispy. why can't they just be chewy candy?

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  1. that han and chewy actually make it through the first act of episode 7

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  1. coke and weed, in a blunt, pipe whatever
    "I smoke chwey like a motherfuckin nut, you got a gram bag get the zags and roll 'er up"
  2. Wookie sidekick of Han Solo.
  3. a blunt rolled with weed and yayo(coke)
    shit i love me some chewy
  4. A chewy is another term for brain, or a blowjob, the process of sucking a males's penis
    Danielle gave Billy a major chewy.
  5. Chewy; noun: a drug consisting of grounded up weed (shake) and cocaine. you can smoke it from a pipe or roll it in a blunt, spliff or joint.
    "This chewy got me paranoid and goin kinda scared Niggaz startin to know my face so I had to cut my hair" "I smoke chewy like a muthafuckin' nut ya got a gram bag get the zags an' roll 'er up" Andre Nickatina (coke fiend, great rapper)
  6. 1. A mixture of marijuana (usually not the chronic, hence the need to do the following) mixed with cocaine. Smoked by way of various means, usually a blunt. 2. A fully shaved vagina that tastes so good that you almost feel the urge to chew on it.
    "Bro, I just smoked a fat chewy and it made me want some chewy pretty fucking bad" "That blunt made my dick shrivel up,, was that a chewy??!!" "Howd you get that black eye" "I got kicked in the face when I bit Marissa's chewy"
  7. pussy or booty
    billard : you tryin to get sum chewy tonight? chow : hell yeah i want some chewy!!!
  8. A blunt rolled with cocaine
    "I smoke chewy like a mother fuckin nut"-Andre Nickatina
  9. northern slang for a lovebite, hickey etc.
    omg you have a chewy on your neck! who were you with last night?
  10. When someone or something is very ugly or displeasing to the eyes. Or when somebody just got messed up really bad.
    That bitch was chewy.