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  • noun pl. 賭場;
  • Las Vegas is home to many casinos, so it's a popular gambling destination


關於動物方城市:你不知道的25個有趣真相! Image 06:54
  1. activities such as casinos as well as a huge palm-tree hotel with an oasis around it.

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【90秒讓你認識川普】惡搞川普之歌 (Trump Song)

【90秒讓你認識川普】惡搞川普之歌 (Trump Song) Image 01:29
  1. but they won't let him run his casinos

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南韓第二大都市-釜山 (Haeundae Beach Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia)

南韓第二大都市-釜山 (Haeundae Beach Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia) Image 02:25
  1. lined with five-star resorts, restaurants and casinos,

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為你介紹最新的美國第一家庭:川普一家 (Meet America's New First Family)

為你介紹最新的美國第一家庭:川普一家 (Meet America's New First Family) Image 04:09
  1. from hotels, to casinos to golf courses, the trump name is plastered

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審視自己,保羅華許 (Examine Yourself - Paul Washer)

審視自己,保羅華許 (Examine Yourself - Paul Washer) Image 01:13:10
  1. were to go to casinos anywhere in this world, we would

    我們也會發現那裏也有人會說: 『我相信我「相信」。』
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  1. Kick ass Scorcese movie with Robert Deniro, Joe Pesci, and Sharon Stone.
    Casino is a great gangster movie.
  2. A gambling house where millions of [sucker]s part with their change, or their [credit card]s, or even their retirement savings, just for a chance to win that $2.5 million jackpot which will have a 1/987,150,666,074 chance of occuring in their lifetimes. Those poor folks should have remembered the [Law of Large Numbers] they learned in Statistics class, but they probably skipped class that day.
    The one good thing about casinos is that the pawn shops right next to them usually have all sorts of neat, cheap shit that compulsive gamblers trade for some cash. I even got a Rolex watch for half the price of that in the mall.
  3. An acroymn for Casino is "Cash and Savings Is Now Ours"!
    I don't gamble anymore because to me...Casino stands for "Cash and Savings Is Now Ours"!
  4. A place you go to to tip a large bucket of pennies down a drain and hope a flashing machine spits back millions of dollars.
    Ha! I just spent $200,000.50 at the casino and came home with $45 and a free wig!
  5. A place people go to unintentionally lose a buttload of money. The only game worth playing is [blackjack] cus it's the only game anyone can win at all at. Also a little known card game.
    Las Vegas contains the motherload of casinos.
  6. pretty much an arcade fer adults
    money goes hella fast in casinos.
  7. Similar to [Eiffel tower], when two guys are spit roasting a girl. Except in this rare case it is between a white man and a Indian (formally known as Native Americans).
    "Hey there chief, we sure gave that bitch an amazing casino last night with your peace pipe, if you know what i mean..."
  8. Where you go to drop a Deuce - the bathroom.
    Person 1: Where's John? Our meeting's about to start. Person 2: He went to the casino.