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  • v. 取消(事業、合約); 取消以防止...;
  • The customer cancels his cellphone contract
  • The company cancels the team-building day because not everyone could attend

如果全世界都開始吃素會怎麼樣? (What If The World Went Vegetarian?)

如果全世界都開始吃素會怎麼樣? (What If The World Went Vegetarian?) Image 03:47
  1. meat which effectively cancels out the declines we see in other countries.

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特藝彩色如何改變電影 (How Technicolor changed movies)

特藝彩色如何改變電影 (How Technicolor changed movies) Image 11:05
  1. you don't have a lot of cyan, because the cyan cancels out the red.

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CNN 10 | CNN Student News | April 10 2019

CNN 10 | CNN Student News | April 10 2019 Image 10:01
  1. cancels our eu membership fee, which

    取消我們的歐盟 會員費
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VOA 六十秒學英文 (VOA 60 August 13, 2019)

VOA 六十秒學英文 (VOA 60 August 13, 2019) Image 01:01
  1. hong kong international airport cancels more than 200 flights as anti-government protests continue there for a second day.

    由於反政府抗爭邁入第二天,香港國際機場取消了超過 200 次班機。
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  1. To dismiss something/[somebody]. To [reject] an individual or an [idea]
    Kate: I love [doughnuts] used as a [bun] to my burger Me: Ew! Youre [cancelled]
  2. Someone who makes a [plan], includes everyone and their [mama] and then cancels it at the very [last minute].
    Surya: "Hey [Ameet], are you going to the jazz concert that [Aparna] is planning to get everyone to go to?" Ameet: "Yes but you know everyone will make it except her". Surya: "What do you mean?" Ameet: "Well you know Aparna, she's the biggest [cancellator]" Surya: "Damn! you're right..."
  3. In [pop culture], [canceled] means to make someone or something [irrelevant] due to current drama.
    [James Charles] is [canceled].
  4. [James Charles]
    Girl: [you know] [James charles]? [Boy]: yeah, he is cancelled
  5. Sometimes used when your friend is being [a jerk] [to you] but in [a funny] way
    [Marielle]: Dude stop being such a dick youre [canceled] [Bennett]: Why I didnt do anything Marielle: (leaves FaceTime)
  6. [James Charles].
    [James Charles] was [a little bitch] so now he's [cancelled] 🍵🍵🍵
  7. Done, dead, or [dusted]. To [withdraw] an offer. Invalidated. [Terminated].
    "The [Smart Patrol] CANCELLED my definition submittal before it was even reviewed by UD editors. Of course I'm [misillusioned] and [rejectified]."
  8. As in It's [Never Going] To Happen, or when something is [irreverent] to you, usually used on [the app] called
    [Jazmin]: "Josh is live, let's say hi" [Juss]: "That's [cancelled]"
  9. This word is blatantly [bolded], as it [bluntly] tells you your entry was canceled before it was [reviewed] by editors.
    'SUBMISSION [CANCELED]. Your submission was [canceled] before it was [reviewed] by [editors].' "What, the? They didn't even spell it right!"
  10. To cancel is to [kill] [someone].
    "[Put] [the gun] down. You don't [have the balls] to cancel me"