• US /bɪɡ/
  • UK /bɪɡ/
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  • adj. 大的;顯著的; 嚴肅的; 重大的; 大;大的;
  • Brad Pitt is a big star
  • Tomorrow is a big day for me, I’m going on my first date with Mike
  • That big car can easily hold many people
  1. used to describe something as great, really good
    oh that tune is big man
  2. The latter of the stage name used by the greatest rapper that ever lived, Christopher Wallace, [aka], The Notorious B.I.G. It stood for Business Instead of Game, after his death it was known as Books Instead of Guns.
    B.I.G., P-O, P-P-A, no info, for the, D-E-A.
  3. In a [sorority] or [fraternity], a big is given to an individual who is then a [little].
    I love my big! She's so cool!
  4. The Late Great rapper The Notorious B.I.G
    Yo B.I.G Was shot in 97 he had so much for him.
  5. the opposite of small... also known as large
    Hello ladies, did you know my cock is big.
  6. An event that is described as a large occurance.
    i bought a ferrari. thats [big]
  7. Business Instead of Games
    Notorious B.I.G.(rapper)
  8. (Noun) An open-faced single condiment sandwich. Usually a delivery vehicle for that condiment, which would be impractical to eat any other way. Key is that it remain open faced, with a single ingredient (aside from the bread). Most Common: the "Mayonnaise Big", but also a "Mustard Big", "Miracle Whip Big", "Ketchup Big" or even a "Relish Big". Origins: PNW, Southern Oregon in the mid to late 1970's, but may date from even earlier.
    I was looking for a midnight snack, and the refrigerator was nearly empty, so I had a Mayonnaise Big.
  9. A an african american pornstar that commonly stars in many of today's sleezy porn vids, starring young and horny white women from the age of 25-40. Before any actual action, the viewer gets to listen to Big's well thought out jokes about how he will 'blow his load' and make use of his 14 inch monster cock with yet another rising pornstar. Big's sense of self worth and self esteem both rest in his massive penis that has become his primary means of income and survival. Sadly, his seduction and communication skills with other women also rest in this overlly developed penis of his.
    Big stuffed his veiny 14 inch 'monster cock' into Syphylis Susan as he grunted with utter satisfaction.
  10. Adjective. Not little.
    "My dick is big." "Your tits are big." "Yo ass is big momma."