• US /bɛnt/
  • UK /bent/
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  • v. 變得彎曲; 彎曲身體; 轉向; 彎曲的 ; 傾心的 ; 熱心的 ; 傾向 ; 性質 ; 耐久力 ; 類似稻科的雜草 ; 荒地 ; 牧草地 ; 彎曲 ; 曲 ; 屈 ; 彎;
  • adj. 變得彎曲的;
  • He bent the wire so he could use it to make art
  • He bent over to stretch before playing soccer
  • This road bent sharply before we got to the mountain
  • The metal workers bent those pieces of metal to make machines
  • How do I straighten this bent spoon?

P!nk-Just Give Me A Reason ft Nate Ruess 歌

P!nk-Just Give Me A Reason ft  Nate Ruess  歌 Image 04:06
  1. just a second, we're not broken just bent

  2. we're not broken, just bent

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【TED-Ed】45分鐘,讓他用釣魚線做出Google Glass的體驗 Rapid prototyping Google Glass - Tom Chi

【TED-Ed】45分鐘,讓他用釣魚線做出Google Glass的體驗  Rapid prototyping Google Glass - Tom Chi Image 08:09
  1. the coat hanger, i bent it in a specific shape

    我把它折彎成特殊的形狀 (原型法則一:找最快能體驗的方法)
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孫子兵法 (The Art of War Audiobook by Sun Tzu)

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未擇之路(真人版) (The Road Not Taken)

未擇之路(真人版) (The Road Not Taken) Image 00:57
  1. to where it bent in the undergrowth;

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  1. The state of being when you are intoxicated from using both alcohol and marijuana.
    Yea I don't remember anything from last night, I was bent as hell.
  2. 1. To be dishonest or corrupt, often used in reference to a police officer. 2. To be at a stage of severe intoxication due to the use of narcotics and/or alcohol. 3. To be homosexual or effeminate in appearance or nature.
    1. "Supt. Sam Tucker was a bent cop." 2. "Oh man, I was totally bent last night." 3. "You are so friggin' bent!"
  3. (adj.) to be pissed off, angered
    Cynthia got all bent when she thought Justin going to jail was an elaborate hoax.
  4. to get mad drunk out of your mind.
    yo nigga u gettin bent tonight?
  5. A man who is not, shall we say, straight. Another word for a gay guy, such as Chris Webb.
    ex...Man that Chris Webb sure is bent.
  6. when someone is ripped or blazed out of their mind
    I was so bent last night. After smokin that O, who wouldn't be?
  7. As a verb: The act of lying about something so meaningless, that it would have been better to just say nothing at all in the first place. After a bent action, the person will lose mass amounts of respect and gain mass amounts of trash talk behind their back. As an adjective: Used to describe a horrible lie, one that is obviously far from the truth. The statement usually contains so much stupidity, people hearing it will be shocked at how unnecessary it was.
    Ginger - "I went to this party on my street last weekend with a couple buds. Saw some nice [bunnies], [wheeled] n' [porked] a few, then went again the next day." Twinkie - "Why the hell are you benting?" Ginger - "Me and my buddies were just tagging down the street, I was half drunk and half high at the time, then these two big guys jumped me. They took everything I had on me." MAD - "That story is ridiculously bent."
  8. A word meaning to get literally injured or "Fucked Up" or "Messed Up".
    " Jet Li got that youngin so bent. " - James Broady Jr.
  9. when somebody does something really messed up or severely offensive to another person.
    dave: ey dude, did you hear about jacque and steve? norman: yeah man, she dumped him on his birthday. dave: dude thats so bent...
  10. Bent, meaning gay, homosexual, queer.
    for example; Kurt is bent.