Tarim basin is a huge superposed basin composed of Paleozoic cratonic basin and Meso-Cenozoic foreland basin.

Liupanshan Cretaceous basin is a mono-basin of Liupanshan inland overlapping basin.

The basin is the complex basin with wresting and extending dynamic properties, called as torsion-extension basin.

The Mega Basin is a typical intermountain fault basin constrained by the faulting around the basin.

Chaiwopu Basin, covering an ares of 2880 Km~2, is a small intermontane structural basin.

臺北城市導覽 (Taipei - City Video Guide)

臺北城市導覽 (Taipei - City Video Guide) Image 05:26
  1. the city sits in a basin between the central and yangming mountains,

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April 13, 2015 - CNN Student News with subtitles

April 13, 2015 - CNN Student News with subtitles Image 10:01
  1. by the tidal basin, and in east potomac park.

    在 The Tidal Basin旁, East Potomac Park裡面
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總想有人陪?為什麼我們會寂寞呢? (Why Do We Feel Lonely?)

總想有人陪?為什麼我們會寂寞呢? (Why Do We Feel Lonely?) Image 04:07
  1. and jim irwin in the imbrium basin.

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  1. Derives from the term [baser]. When under the influence of cocaine, a person does nothing and tends to waste their life away. The act of doing [nothing]. *One does not have to be under the influence of any mind altering substances, they can simply be doing nothing.*
    Person A: A yo what you doin tonight? Person B: Nothing dawg - we basin'! Why you basin'? Stop basin' out and go do some work!
  2. Another word for a [crackhead]. Usually seen walking fast down the street in order to get their [rock]s.
    Every town, city, state got a basin.
  3. the name given to a [toy] graffiti writer - mainly in sydney australia. the name is based upon a writer who was called basin who was very unpopular in the scene.
    your such a basin brah!
  4. A crackhead, also someone who does stupid things
    1: hey have you seen that aaron kid? hes pretty basin 2: what'd he do? 3: he ran naked down the street!
  5. "Joneing" on someone, something that burst you bubble, something that makes you look dumb.
    "awww did you hear Jashawnia?" "yeah, son she was basin' on Darnell's shit."