At the moment, he was wearing an MIt'sweatshirt and baggy shorts.

Baggy pants are meant to be stylish, not offensive.

Teens today, with their 15tattoos and baggy shorts, could not seem more different from their grandparents.

At first she did not recognise the shabby, baggy figure.

No lady something too short, baggy or tight.

Hetain Patel:我是誰?再想想 Who am I? Think again

Hetain Patel:我是誰?再想想 Who am I? Think again Image 09:07
  1. and it had this baggy trouser part

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睡眠如何影響你的面容?How Does Sleep Affect Your Face?

睡眠如何影響你的面容?How Does Sleep Affect Your Face? Image 03:00
  1. it's sort of baggy and my eyes look a little bloodshot

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  1. A girl that get's around, hence her 'baggy' vagina.
    guy: i shagged that baggy, it was like putting my finger in a cup!!!
  2. A small airtight plastic-bag containing [Marihuana].
    Shit my mom's coming home, put the shit back in the baggy and hide it
  3. Name given to a genre of UK bands in the late 1980s who occasionally fused guitar-based '60s-style indie music with modern dance rhythms and "[funky drummer]" drumbeats. Most notable baggy members were "[Madchester]" bands like The Stone Roses and Happy Mondays, but the tag was mainly used for the slightly later bands that they influenced like Inspiral Carpets, The Charlatens, Blur (circa 'Leisure'), James (circa 'Gold Mother'), Five Thirty, The High, Flowered Up, Candy Flip and others. Distinguishable by their lolloping, psychedelic-tinged sounds, pudding bowl haircuts and huge 21" flares (from which the name "baggy" derived), the scene lasted only a short while, roughly from 1989 to 1990, but served as a prototype to the more conventional sounds of [Britpop], a few years later.
    The baggy sound of 1990: British Madchester bands not from Manchester?
  4. A person you'd have to put a bag over their face to have sex with.
    Chris: Dude, Daisy's body is so hot. Alex: Yeah, but her face is so ugly. Chris: You're right. She's a Baggy
  5. a joint rolled very loose
    man that is one baggy spliff