In September an ex - prisoner Ah Kuen has joined us. Her husband is still a drug addict.
九月有一更生人士亞娟加入, 她曾吸毒,其丈夫現仍吸毒,求主保守她的心!

Which mirror Rich Miller is addict editor of date center knowledge ? Data Center Knowledge.

Not only am I an addict, I am also a pusher.
我不僅是個癮君子, 還是個推動者.

Like coffee and alcohol . an addict though.

Nana: How to do it? Those dark circles make me look like a drug addict.
該怎做 呢 ?這黑眼圈讓我看起來像個吸毒的!

人生Life In A Day

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  1. i moved here four years ago, a terrible drug addict.

    我四年前搬來這裡 當時我嗑藥嗑得很猛
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Owl City - Beautiful Times(美好時刻)MV

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  1. i'm ecstatic like a drug addict locked in the attic strung out and spellbound.

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跟艾咪一起學心肺復甦術Amy Sedaris Teaches Jimmy CPR

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  1. now, the guy could be a heroin addict. he could be drunk

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【饒舌歌曲】Tyga - Dope'd Up

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  1. she the baddest, she ain't know she a addict yeah

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  1. A person who spends an inordinate amount of his or her resources on trivial things, such as the computer game "Everquest"
    Nigel Anderson is an addict.
  2. one who cant get enuf of something.
    my hand hurts, but i cant keep from jacking off.
  3. Someone who is obsessed with something. They would do almost anything to get at whatever they are addicted to. It can be very unhealthy and become extremely serious.
    Bob: hey you've been on the computer for quite a while. Maybe it's time to give it a break? Cassie: NO WAY. I'm on facebook, can't you see I'm extremely busy creeping on people?! Bob: OK Cassie, I didn't want to do this but were going to have to have an intervention. The first step is admitting you have a problem and that is: you are a facebook addict.