• US /əˈbʌv/
  • UK /əˈbʌv/
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  • prep. 以上;
  • adv. 在…上方;勝過;高於; 以上;在上面;多於;上述; 上述;上文;
  • Temperatures were above 30 degrees today
  • She watched the clouds high above her head

愛上台灣 (Falling in Love with Taiwan)

愛上台灣 (Falling in Love with Taiwan) Image 21:20
  1. you can't help but notice that one building towers above the rest of the city.

  2. like one tall tree that stretched above the others to get a better view.

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A Journey to Safety - #AirNZSafetyVideo

A Journey to Safety - #AirNZSafetyVideo Image 03:01
  1. if you need some air, oxygen masks will fall from above.

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震撼演講:你不是特別的 ('You're Not Special' Graduation Speech)

震撼演講:你不是特別的 ('You're Not Special' Graduation Speech) Image 04:56
  1. so think about this even if your one-in-a-million on a plane above six

    所以,想想看,即使你的百萬分之一 在飛機上六以上。
  2. above our fireplace and this morning i was like where you would be very good

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【電影特輯】歷年來最棒的電影!(系列2) THE BEST MOVIES OF ALL TIME! (Part 2)

【電影特輯】歷年來最棒的電影!(系列2) THE BEST MOVIES OF ALL TIME! (Part 2) Image 15:53
  1. take this scale here. if it were 1 to 100, the "10" at the top wouldn't represent a flawless film, but rather, any movie that scored above a “91"...

    就拿這裡的這個評分表來說吧。如果是1到100,最上面的"10"並不代表一部完美無瑕的電影,而是代表任何一部得分超過 "91"的電影......。
  2. for fans of fantasy and adventure, this film more than delivered the goods, going above and beyond any normal film, a true example of getting your money's worth.

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【冷知識】用微波爐「烤」聖誕樹是一個好主意嗎? Is It A Good Idea To Microwave A Christmas Tree?

【冷知識】用微波爐「烤」聖誕樹是一個好主意嗎? Is It A Good Idea To Microwave A Christmas Tree? Image 03:20
  1. jon: i haven't... you can't see it because i've digitally added it after the fact, but there is indeed mistletoe above penelope! so, why don't you, uh...?

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  1. A special place that requires you to tilt your head to silly angles in order to see it.
    Person 1: Where did my balloon go? Person 2: Above the staircase. Person 3: *tilts head to silly angle* Oh yeah, I see it...