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  • noun pl. 國家; 狀態,狀況,情況; 美國;
  • v. 陳述,說明,聲明;
  • The European country is divided into seven states.
  • All of the rooms in Joe's house are in very messy states
  • The USA consists of 50 states
  • Julie states that he saw the suspect leave the scene yesterday.
  1. Something that stupid people argue about on
    Stupid Texan: Huh-huh! Ma' state's way better then yur's!(yuk) Don't mess with Texas! Huh-huh! Arrogant Californian: No, actually my state is far superior to yours in that its educational system far surpasses...blah,blah,blah.... Insignificant Maine-Dweller: Um...go Maine?
  2. 1. (political) A legitimized institute of criminal plunder having self-appointed and immutable power of force over all persons within its geographic boundaries.
    Acting with impunity, the state will take your money, your life, and the lives of your children, unless you voluntarily offer them first.
  3. A word used in UK slang which can mean: 1. An exclamation of surprise (usually shock). 2. An adjective meaning bad/poor. 3. An adjective meaning good (similar to how "sick" is used).
    1. "Did you know that Fred crashed his car last night?", "Woah, state". 2. "Have you seen that toilet? It's well state" 3. "I did a [turbo] last night, it were well state"
  4. Slang for Canadians talking about the United States of America
    "My brother just flew up from the States. He was visiting our cousin in Alabama."
  5. Adj. - Pertaining to a State School or University. Used for describing pride for all school associated events, including athletics.
    "Did you see that kid with his face painted blue and white? He is so STATE!"
  6. The word state comes from the phrase "look at the state of it" and meaning just that. One fine day the phrase "state of it!" and "Oh my god!" were accidentally merged to form "Oh my state" which is still used but has been shortened to form the word "state". A state is either a retarded person, or an unfortunate or stupid situation.
    Boy: "Look, that guy just fell over" Girl: "Oh, state" "Omg, your such a fucking state" "Lol, omg state of it!!!"
  7. 1. A condition or collection of circumstances. 2. A government power that acts as an authority over a geographical area. (The states in the United States of America have a [federal government].)
    1. I am insane; my state of mind is poor. 2. California is a state within the United States of America
  8. 'that state' or 'a state' - describes a person you has drank one too many bottles of courvoisier before a night out
    "hey James, you look like your in that state"
  9. (adj.) Consistent with face or reality; not false;
    The story he told was state.
  10. a level of existance, other than normal.
    There in a vegetative state.