• US /ʃi/
  • UK /ʃɪ/
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  • pron. 她 ; 伊; 她;
  • 'Is Mom home?' 'No, she’s out shopping.'
  • That’s Jenny, Is she your sister?
  1. The common target used in the jokes "that's what she said". She is commonly refered to as a whore, slut, or any other name for a sexual dirtbag, seeing as she is normally saying something that refers to something that could happen during sexual intercourse.
    It's all over the place! That's what SHE said!
  2. The performing name for the [breakbeat]/[industrial]/[progressive] multi-instrumentalist [chiptune] artist and producer [Pjat Lain] who engineered albums including Digital Ambient Designs, Emit and Exude, Void of Emotions, and Days.
    After hearing the song Calico Jimmy instantly became hooked to She music.
  3. an awesome green day song with a good beat and great drum sequence; the premise of the song is a girl who is caught up in society, but is trying to be an indivdualist (the whole point of punk rock)
    Are you locked up in a world thats been planned out for you? Are you feeling like a social tool without a use? Scream at me, Until my ears bleed, I'm taking heed just for you
  4. Some chick that has apparently had sex with over 95% of the male population and over half of the female. She has also made the same comments over and over again about the size of the penis and the length of the sex.
    "God, that exam was super long and hard!" "That's what she said!" "She's a slut."
  5. A person who is fastest, player, most amazing, EEKING, fast, swim move people, ladies man, has to "EEK!" on floaters.
    Peedhsara said to Vanam " How is she so fast? Vanam said to Peedhsara " You just got to swim move like she. Peedhsara said to Vanam " EEEK!"
  6. The "She" from thats what she said. This "She" is a girl who attends or has attended BT (Blessed Trinity) Because all the BT girls are whores and are obviously the ones saying all these nasty things.
    I had fun partying last night I could have gone all night! thats what "She" said oh so you know the BT girls?