• US /mit/
  • UK /mi:t/
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  • v. 遇到; 遇見 ; 會見 ; 結交 ; 反駁 ; 支付 ; 會合 ; 兼備 ; 會戰 ; 集會 ; 競賽會 ; 適合的 ; 符合 ; 會晤 ; 見面;
  • n. 遇見;
  • If you can meet the demands of the job, it is yours
  • Do you think you can meet me outside the town hall at 7 p.m.?
  • We have a swim meet against another school today

臍帶血適合我的家庭? (Is Cord Blood Banking Right For My Family?)

臍帶血適合我的家庭? (Is Cord Blood Banking Right For My Family?) Image 03:38
  1. the meet this typical american family

    請你們見見這個典型的美國家庭。他們既年輕又俊美,同時還… 有喜。恭賀他們!
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安东尼罗宾演讲视频 (Tony Robbins

安东尼罗宾演讲视频 (Tony Robbins Image 34:08
  1. people meet, if there is rapport, the person who is most certain will always influence

    人相遇,如果有關係的,該人 誰是最肯定會一直影響
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  1. t-800, meet mark 46!

    T-800, 讓你見識Mark 46!
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臺北旅遊建議 (Taipei City Guide Travel Tips)

臺北旅遊建議 (Taipei City Guide  Travel Tips) Image 44:38
  1. but if you're traveling solo that can be a really fun way to meet people.

    但是,如果你獨自旅行,可以是一個 真正有趣的方式來滿足人們。
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  1. a term used for french kiss in many parts of dublin, ireland. can often be heard when one guy might ask a girl to meet his friend... shift is a similar word to be heard in rural ireland. as score is to be heard from the posher of the lrish. but an old fashioned would you let my friend stick his tounge in your gob seems to do the trick in all parts!
    "eh, will ya meet me mate?(pointing action to random guy in crowd of swaring guys around a group girls or sometimes girl on her own)?"
  2. 1) To French Kiss. Usually used in Dublin or other parts of Ireland See [make out]
    Ughh! I can't believe you met Aaron!
  3. A term used to describe a french kiss between to Irish youths (usually). It's usually heard around the Dublin area, and I've not heard of it anywhere else.
    Sean: My friend really wants to meet you tonight. (to non Irish person) Non Irish person: Yeh sounds good. where and what time does he want to meet? Sean: <*seems confused that non Irish person is so precise about meeting people.*>
  4. meet-french kiss. term used in ireland. -to be meeting someone is like to be half dating them. a half sort of commitment between single and going out. -but to meet someone is a once off deal, usually at paty/disco/drunken state. -to have met someone is past tense.
    -will ya meet him ova der? -iwas meeting him a while ago but never went out wit him. -i met him nd him nd him nd him nd him las week at d club. -^^*above
  5. Usually used in Ireland(Haven't heard it used anywhere else) It means to [french kiss],[snog] or anything else, If you where a female, you could get fingered if you arranged to 'Meet' someone, its not vertified. ;)
    ''Hey, will you meet my friend?'' *points at friend*
  6. To give someone a french-kiss.
    Johnny Met Sheila. (In Past Tense Meet is Met)
  7. mostly used in liverpool and ireland, meet is to kiss but also use the tounge like a snog or a french kis .....
    hey charlotte cum an meet me round da corner
  8. to make out as the americans say, or snog
    hey did you see emily and jack meeting at that party
  9. a term for kissing with tongues used commonly in Liverpool
    dick head lad: "ay girls any meets?" girls: "nah you'd be lucky" girl: "omg i can't believe i met him last night!"
  10. To open mouth kiss someone for over 10 seconds,usually used In Dublin
    So,any meets