• US /ˌem'si:/
  • UK /ˌem'si:/
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  • abbr. 模型檢驗器;

【TED-Ed】 Einstein's miracle year - Larry Lagerstrom

【TED-Ed】 Einstein's miracle year - Larry Lagerstrom Image 05:16
  1. e=mc^2.

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英式英語和美式英語有什麼差:食物篇! (Difference between British English and American English (Food Vocabulary) - Speak Fluent English)

英式英語和美式英語有什麼差:食物篇! (Difference between British English and American English (Food Vocabulary) - Speak Fluent English) Image 10:06
  1. we get in mc donald's. now it is chips in british english. if you go to britain and you

    我們會在麥當勞拿到的薯條,這在英式英文中叫作 chips。如果你到了英國,而且去了
  2. english chips is mc donald's fries the potato deep fried chips, whereas it's called as

    英文 chips 是指在麥當勞裡以馬鈴薯為素材製作的炸薯條,然而它在
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哈佛 計算機概論 cs50 week0 continued (Week 0, continued)

哈佛 計算機概論 cs50 week0 continued (Week 0, continued) Image 01:04:00
  1. [music -- mc hammer, "u can't touch this"]

    [MUSIC - 哈默,“U不能碰  這種“]
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  1. Short for master of ceremonies or mic controller. Essentially a word for a rapper but the term is not limited to hip hop. Drum and Bass, Garage, Happy Hardcore, Ragga and old school rave all feature MCs, however with these genres, the MC generally MCs live while a DJ mixes the tunes, whereas hip hop MCs mainly do so on record
    Navigator is a wicked MC Biggie was a phat MC I'm MCing at a house party tonight, you coming?
  2. Master of Ceremonies or Microphone Controller. A rapper who is either the host of an event; someone with enough flow and skill to be considered a master of the art of rap.
    Mos Def is one of the best MCs in the world.
  3. Also known as "callmemc." Hailing from the streets of San Diego, she has lived her life an absolute thug. She hustles on the streets of Berkeley, and is known to make guest appearances at Bridges, where she does V12s. Her awesomeness inspires the term, which is used in reverence. The phrase "mc" is used to refer to someone who is very accomplished, attractive, and uses OpenMP.
    Person A: "Dang, guys! Did you hear about what that girl did the other day? She did magic while solving a rubiks cube while breakdancing on a resistance board!" Person B: "Wow...that's so mc"
  4. Mic controller- usually refferted to in underground rap. Mic controller being the one with the mic, rapping.
    which MC is Dj whispa gunna spin fo tonight?
  5. Mic Chief. In Rap and Hip Hop the M.C. is the main rapper in a song.
    Every rapper claims to be the best M.C. out there
  6. microphone coordinator.
    M.C. Hammer (Hamma' don't hurt 'em)
  7. some who holds a joint while talking,thus fucking up the rotation.
    Yo,M.C., pass the mic.
  8. merry christmas....say it to everything... it annoys the shit out of people...
    "hey ur a bitch" "yaa..okaay..m.c. mo' fucka" "do u want me to hit u?" "w/e m.c"