單字背了又忘?試試 VoiceTube 精心研發的線上課程吧!
  1. This word is only known and said by [saints], [sent down] from God. This words meaning is only known by that said by said saints. [Lom] is a word used in a situation, where you could say lol but to sound unique, you say [lom].
    I just [cheated on] [my wife] [lom]
  2. [Vietnamese] [word] for [pussy].
    Damn that girl's lom was so [big it] felt like [throwin] a [hotdog down a hallway].
  3. abbreviation for "Love Of Mine"; usually used when a person is [texting], but does not have enough characters left to [write] out the words or is in a [hurry] & doesn't have time to write out the words
    Hey! [I'm going to sleep] now, but I just wanted to [say goodnight] [babe], LOM
  4. When you [misspell] [lol]
    1: [lom] [xd] 2: [you mean] lol