My name's Katherine, Katherine Handler.
我叫凱瑟琳, 凱瑟琳·漢德勒.

Thursday night, Katherine said , speaking quickly.
「星期四晚上, 」凱瑟琳很快地說道.

People close to the singer's family said Katherine Jackson would have final say over funeral arrangements.

Katherine: Hurry up! You'll late for work are you doing?
凱思蓮: 快點! 你快遲到了,你在干什 麽 ?

That was last month, Katherine said loudly.
「只是上個月而已, 」凱瑟琳大聲說.

廣播電影院(Lux Radio Theater: Alice Adams (January 3, 1938))

廣播電影院(Lux Radio Theater: Alice Adams (January 3, 1938)) Image 59:40
  1. bringing up baby starring katherine hepburn and cary grant

    寶寶主演凱瑟琳 赫本與加里·格蘭特
  2. katherine hepburn bette davis thing happens

    凱瑟琳·赫本貝蒂·戴維斯的事情 發生
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從死掉動物裡思考 (Thoughts from Dead Animals)

從死掉動物裡思考 (Thoughts from Dead Animals) Image 04:00
  1. katherine used to work at a wild animal rehab place, so she has worked a lot with possums.

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【新奇世界觀】你知道「Ginger」其實代表紅頭髮的人嗎? (REDHEADS: Discover the world of GINGERS)

【新奇世界觀】你知道「Ginger」其實代表紅頭髮的人嗎? (REDHEADS: Discover the world of GINGERS) Image 13:14
  1. old-school beauty katherine hepburn. julia roberts. and merida, the 11th disney princess

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男生真的有比女生聰明嗎? (Are Boys Smarter Than Girls?)

男生真的有比女生聰明嗎? (Are Boys Smarter Than Girls?) Image 04:41
  1. katherine johnson helped apollo 11 land on the moon.

    Katherine Johnson 幫助阿波羅11號成功登上月球
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  1. an angel, a princess, your boo, someone special to you, and a perfect person
    you're such katherine
  2. smart with life, always living for whats ahead of her. dont let the cute face fool you, she can be naughty when you trigger her& great in bed. you will never forget her.. beautiful in her own way, yet insecure about herself. always laughing her heart out, yet doesnt take life too seriously. be loyal to her and she will show you the same respect back. be a bitch& she will destroy you with just words. great person to be with, take a katherine as soon as you find her.
    wowww wishhh my gurllll wass aaa katherineeeee
  3. a rather awesome outstanding name for a girl
    hey, wait up Katherine! (to cool girl in the crowd)
  4. A ticklish little creature fond of nature and falling asleep on people. Has a tendency to do "interesting" things to the conventional sandwich. Easy to lose track of time talking to her. Warning: She can read minds
    Tommy: Look! A sleeping Katherine. How do we wake -it- up? Greg: Dunno. Lemme try tickl- Kitty: NONONONONONNONONONONO
  5. a katherine is a sweet hearted girl who cant be faulted. She will always have her eyes open to help the ones that need it; stunning on both the inside and out! Katherine's wont notice their own spectacular points however to every passer by they stand out like a bright light. The world can seem hard for Katherine's sometimes but a break is coming their way!
    I love having a best friend called [katherine]
  6. To meet a Katherine is an extreme honor. Katherines are lovely young ladies who you can talk to about most anything. Many Katherines are beautiful, though that only adds to their sterling personatlies. From my past expirences, some Katherines can be absolute geniuses. They can also be very insecure. Although, they have no reason to be. They are wonderful people. Katherines are kind and caring people. They are willing to listen and talk with you about your problems no matter what they are. Many Katherines are very funny. Any joke a Katherine makes will cause at least one person to laugh. Katherines tend to be rather shy when you firt meet them but once you get to know them, they come out of their shells.
    Example one: Person A: Katherine, how is it that you got so wonderful? Katherine: Oh...umm...I dunno. Example 2: Person A: Do you see that really pretty, smart girl over there? Person B: Yeah? What about her? Person A: She is a Katherine. Person B: Oh. Makes sense.
  7. Go getting, fun loving, smart and [sassy] girl with a penchant for salty popcorn, aerobics dance moves and - on occasion - yelling "fanny" out of the car window. Best friend a girl could have.
    I've finally got a Katherine in my life and I'm so happy
  8. 1. Alternate spelling of popular girl's name Catherine/Kathryn. 2. Extremely good song by [Chicago] based alternative rock band [Kill Hannah].
    1. "Hi, my name's Katherine." 2. Daisy wishes her name was Katherine so she could pretend the Kill Hannah song was written about her.
  9. Katherine's are very [resilient] people and forget their problems easily. They are also very [couragous] and opinionated. In my experience a Katherine is a very unique person. Upon meeting a Katherine you will find that they are very shy and timid. However, after knowing them for some time you will find that they are very [talkative] and excited creatures. Katherine's are good people to have around because they are extremely good listeners and are very caring. Be careful though, as to not upset them, they remember faces forever and are not easy to let things go. Katherine's are level headed and usually have a good head on their shoulders about many things in life which makes them excellent for giving advice. Many suffer from a lack of self-confidence and hate getting complements from people. Katherine's are most definately [romantics]. Also, Katherine's can be somewhat crazy, as in ha ha crazy not padded room crazy. They never refrain from laughing and will always try to get other people to laugh. They will also never refrain from telling someone the truth, no matter how harsh or awful it sounds. Over all Katherine's are pretty laid back and [cool] people. Most Katherine's have brown hair and green or brown eyes. They have nearly flawless skin and very nice teeth. Katherine's also come in various shapes and sizes, however, each one is [beautiful] in her own way.
    Nicholas Sparks should've been named Katherine.
  10. She's a keeper, a lover and a fighter, a winner, loves to act like a complete fool in order to make others smile. A people pleaser, but can deny the utmost of things. Has many people adoring her on a daily basis, WILL steal your boyfriend. Hates females, and has mostly all guy friends. Cusses like a sailor, but no one seems to care, she loves zombies, gore, and 90's things. Listens to all kinds of music. Easy to look at, normally green eyes, brown hair, flawless skin. Has a nice booty, and some say she has a nice body as well, she rejects any complements, for more complements.
    Darn, why can't I just be a Katherine?