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時代精神2:Zeitgeist Addendum

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<現實裡的童話世界˙布拉格[捷克]Prague, Czech Republic>

<現實裡的童話世界˙布拉格[捷克]Prague, Czech Republic> Image 04:09
  1. as a unesco world heritage site in 1992. this stunning city was fortunately one of few european

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  1. another term for bisexuality
    When Andre commenced in listing both his female and male lovers it became obvious that he was very European. I'm European.
  2. a slang term for [bisexuality] stemming from the stereotype that the people of europe are more sexually free than others.
    After delving into his long sexual past with both male and female partners I deemed Andre was far too european for my taste.
  3. If you're American before you enter the restroom, and if you're American after you leave the restroom, then what are you while you're inside the restroom? European!
    Hey, turn the other way; European on my boot!
  4. feeling that pleasurable release that only comes from standing while urinating.
    if you're american going into the bathroom, and you're american coming out of the bathroom, what are you when you're inside the bathroom? European
  5. [Noun] Used to describe someone from the continent of Europe that has small reproductive organs and a tremendously inflated ego. They are a diverse mixture of peoples that enjoy engaging in soccer, which is largely reguarded as an activity for panzies and homosexuals. Due to the success of their North American counter-parts they often resort to "America bashing" which is understandable due to the emabarrisment of being bailed out not once, but twice in a time of war. Although many will not admit that such a situation ever exsisted. Also can be used to describe someone from the continent of Europe a that has a shity, pathetic, and out dated military, an exception can be made for Germany of course.
    European1: "Cunningham are the other Europeans in trouble?" European2: "Oh poppy cock Elizabeth, its only the French getting steam rolled" Bob: "Look at all those gays" Frank:"No Bob, those are Europeans" US Army Guy: "Those Europeans can't shoot for shit" US Army Guy2: "Yeah, there a bunch of jackasses" "I think Euopeans should get there heads out of their asses"
  6. Laziest and snobbiest people on the face of the Earth. Everything in their country is extremely overpriced, yet people but it anyway. Thousands flock to their country for no apparent reason other than to waste their money looking at overrated, shitty old buildings that people with common sense really don't give a fuck about.
    500 dollars for a 20 minute gondola ride? Fuck that. 100 dollars to enter a cathedral? Fuck that. 20 dollars for 2 scoops of ice cream? Are you fucking kidding me? God, those europeans just sit on their asses, do nothing, and rake in all that cash from tourism.
  7. Europeans are the bigest biter of the world.......the trend which is going on in europe is creative not by their selves it is creative by the americans and europeans copy it... damn shitt sir!!!
    fuck the motherfucker
  8. People who moan and bitch about what prudes we are. Under that logic, they would be forced to watch naked people going at it all day and we should be wearing full outfits even when swimming (god forbid). People who scream out loud that our government is too socially strict, yet can't seem to mind their own business. People who whine about the US conservative stance on Universal health care and cannot tolerate political differences. Will most likely become bigger prudes themselves one day, so the others can watch America rub it in European's damn faces. Just as intolerant and hate-mongering as the American left, although all the above aren't quite representative of all Europeans or left liberals.
    Stupid Bitchy European elitist: Americans are the most fat, ugly, disgustingly arrogant people on the Earth. Smart American patriot: Look, one day we will have it the other way around where we will rub your prudishness in your face. Stupid asshole Europeans.
  9. the most gayest people in the world. They just sit around and breath fog all day and it does nothing but rain in there gay continent. the only thing they do is complain about america because america has all the finest riches and aswome place like disney world and new york
    American in disney world: Why are you people so pale and ugly and why do you complain? European: You stupid fat american! I am extreamly jealous because when i go back to Europe i will be forced to have sex with guys and eat shit and not be able to go to disney world! American: WOW i hate all Europeans