• US /ˈkʌmpəni/
  • UK /'kʌmpənɪ/
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  • n. 某人的陪伴; 公司; 家中的客人; 有人陪伴;
  • I enjoy his company. He is interesting to talk to
  • Mr. Walker worked his whole life in a transportation company
  • I’m sorry I can’t meet you tonight, I have company
  • I enjoy the company of my friends when my parents are away

【TED】比爾蓋茲談能源 : 至零方休的革新 ! (Innovating to zero! | Bill Gates)

【TED】比爾蓋茲談能源 : 至零方休的革新 ! (Innovating to zero! | Bill Gates) Image 29:33
  1. nathan myhrvold and i actually are backing a company

    內森·麥沃爾德(Nathan Myhrvold)和我事實上支持一家公司
  2. that people from the company have been in russia, india, china --

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  1. a girl that will come over to "spend time" with ya
    company came over for the bed warming party
  2. 2 members of a squad.
    2 members of a carpool and good company.