• US /ˈsɪti/
  • UK /'sɪtɪ/
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  • n. 都會 ; 全市民 ; 市 ; 城市 ; 城 ; 城池 ; 城鎮 ; 都督 ; 都市 ; 邑;
  • Do you live in the countryside or the city?
  1. A place to live, usually with corrupt mayors and lots of pollution. The real world is only in the city, not on Ole McD's Farm.
    I live in a city and i pay high taxes and have lung cancer from car fumes.
  2. a term used to emphasize the amount of something.
    Stanford is ugly bitch city! The hottest cheerleader here is still only a 4.5! What the fuck? This place is Jeff Gordon flag city! Let's get out of this inbreeding trailer trash neighborhood. Let's not go to [Eat n' Park] tonight. That place is fudge packer city! I'd rather not be treated like [Lil Bow Wow] tonight. Dag motherfucker, Cali is city city! There's LA, Frisco, Diego, San Jose, and so on.
  3. 1. A large urban area, with many buildings are people. An area with over 100,000 [people] is called a city. 2. Occuring in, or relating to a large urban area, as in [city streets]. 3. A large quantity of something. usually used in the expression "It's X city (in here). For example It's snow city would mean there's a lot of [snow]
    Philadelphia is a large city. It's garbage city in here! Look at all the trash!
  4. adj., A way to say something possesses a distinguishing attribute exceedingly; that it is just even more than regular.
    -City turns existing words into the same word with a much stronger definition 1."Big L's freestyles are [crack]" becomes "Big L's freestyles are Crack City", because they are simply more than just being crack. 2."It's fucking [brick] outside" becomes "It's fucking Brick City" when especially frigid. 3."Those guys are [fags]" becomes "Those niggas are Fag City" when displaying homosexuality that goes beyond.
  5. A style of clothing typically worn by young adults who usually live in the city. However, someone who doesn't live in the city may have a "city style." Most clothes categorized as city include, torn up jeans, slouchy boots, button-down shirts, hats (such as berets), a lot of dangly jewelry. Most color tones include, black, silver, grey, navy blue (mostly darker colors). Also many city people are more artsy and would usually be seen by themselves in a coffee shop reading a book or typing on a laptop. They are witty, but also very quiet when talking to other people. They also portray haircuts such as short, choppy hair.
    Girl, you look city in that outfit.
  6. suffix to any word to add depth, sometimes having no meaning. origins from Jayar Fernandez and L.A. Elizaga of Unusual Suspects Dance Crew
    im hungry [city] its cold [city] hey good job [city]