• US /kæb/
  • UK /kæb/
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  • n. 搭計乘車去;
  • It is too far to walk; let's take a cab instead

用可口可樂做聖誕裝飾 How To Make Coca Cola Truck Christmas Decoration

用可口可樂做聖誕裝飾 How To Make Coca Cola Truck Christmas Decoration Image 03:59
  1. this piece is going to form the bonnet, roof and windscreen of the cab.

  2. you should end up with a small pile like this to make the cab.

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Inside Man (4/11) Movie CLIP - Vikram's Questioning (2006) HD

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  1. l bet you can get a cab, though.

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【TEDx】語言學習之道 (Hacking language learning: Benny Lewis at TEDxWarsaw)

【TEDx】語言學習之道 (Hacking language learning: Benny Lewis at TEDxWarsaw) Image 15:11
  1. that's barely possible to fit a bear in a cab?

  2. "cab-bear" it's "caber", it's "to fit".

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  1. Lazy Friendly Verb: It is an abbreviation for "Can't be assed". It is generally used when you cannot be assed saying "I can't be assed". Morons usually say: but cba should be short for "Can't be assed". But how would you pronounce cba? Not very useful word innit?
    Example 1: "Hey, can you put the light on?" "Cab." End of conversation. Example 2: "Do you wanna come out with me and Emma tonight?" "Cab seeing that bitch again."
  2. 1. a taxi (a yellow car with a sign on top that will drive your ass around town for a price calculated per minute or per mile) 2. a switch jump on a skateboard, snowboard, or skiis in which you start fakie, spin at least 360 and land forward (named after Steven Caballero)
    1. If you don't want to get on the subway with the [hoi polloi] and can't afford a chauffeur, you can always take a cab. 2. We spent all afternoon practicing cabs on the halfpipe.
  3. weird, strange, abnormal, sketchy, stupid, forgetful, irrational, also used as: cabbing: forgetting, not thinking clearly or intelligently originated from and used in Kauai, Hawaii
    i can't believe we got away with that, that was so cab. haha, that kid's super cab. sorry brah, i cabbed and forgot to bring it today. guy, what are you doing? you're fully cabbing right now.
  4. Short for Crazy Ass Bitch
    I thought she was cool but I found out she was just another CAB.
  5. switch frontside on a skateboard or snowboard. or just switch on skis
    "that was a sick cab 9"
  6. Cute Ass Bitch similar to a HAB (hot ass bitch) and a harl (hot ass respectable lady)
    I met this nice girl at work today. She was fun to talk to and didn't look too bad either. What a cab.
  7. Short for cunt-ass-bitch. This word is to be used against those who one truly despises or hates. When called a cab, one must accept that they have been ridiculed and made fun of far worse than any comeback/retort that they may think of. Cab is the ultimate diss, and inflicts humiliation and embarrassment on those who are subject to being called a cab.
    "Marc is a huge cab for not showing up to my birthday party!" "Rich you're a huge fucking cab!"
  8. To CAB means to "Cut A Bitch". When you are in a confrontation with another woman (or man) and rather than throw a punch, you either pull out a razorblade or a knife and basically cut that person as if you are slicing and/or dicing a fruit, vegetable, or a piece of meat.
    Oh my god, am I going to have to CAB?!
  9. N. or Adj. A term used to describe a male or female who gets ridden by various members of the opposite sex in exchange for currency.
    Bob: Aint that girl a ho? Mike: Yeah nigga, shes a cab.
  10. Clingy Ass Bitch.
    Dam bro she's a cab, she needs to go. Erick: Dam bro Jay needs to go shes a cab. Josh: Yeah im tired of her shit, shes off the roster.