IPA [baʊndz] KK [baʊndz]
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n.出界;界限;在(某人允許進入的)界限以外;出格的;跳躍( bound的名詞複數 );界限;(球等的)


I have transformed into technology companies, industrial scale by leaps and bounds, and bounds.
我所轉製為科技企業以來, 產業規模突飛猛進, 跨越式發展.

Numeric Bounds Test - For numeric fields, it is important to test for lower and upper bounds.
數字型的邊界測試.對於數字型的欄位, 測試上下邊界是非常重要的.

A player may stand out of bounds to play a ball lying within bounds.

Tucker Bounds, a McCain spokesman, could barely utter two consecutive sentences without mentioning the plumber.

It is not within the bounds of possibility that the sun rises in the west.

【電玩英文】「邊緣禁地:續集前傳」實況解說! (Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel -- E3 2014 Narrated Gameplay Walkthrough)

【電玩英文】「邊緣禁地:續集前傳」實況解說! (Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel -- E3 2014 Narrated Gameplay Walkthrough) Image 14:11
  1. heres another example of how the levels are * blown * by low gravity in borderlands the pre sequel your able to do these massive leaps and bounds and ah you really have a lot more freedom as a player the scope of travel has increased so much.

  2. yer, something really great about the low oxygen it allows you to traverese these maps really really quickly and so you can make these massive leaps and bounds and you have these jump pads your able to get to one end of the map very very fast and really get an edge on enemies.

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【開學季】文具大採購 (Huge Stationery Haul 2015 | Cherry Wallis)

【開學季】文具大採購 (Huge Stationery Haul 2015 | Cherry Wallis) Image 08:09
  1. i'm wearing a very similar color. it costs £4.50 and its lined inside i always always always buy spiral bounds

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【彭博商業】成功人士給18歲的自己的建議! Here

【彭博商業】成功人士給18歲的自己的建議! Here Image 02:45
  1. so it would be try to be effective within the bounds of reasonable witness, as well as being right and figuring things out.

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【金融時報】一分鐘談談英鎊重跌 (Pound plunge in 60 seconds | FT Markets)

【金融時報】一分鐘談談英鎊重跌 (Pound plunge in 60 seconds | FT Markets) Image 01:22
  1. as 9 a.m. in tokyo and 10 a.m. in sydney, it soon bounds back to $1.24.

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GDB教程 (GDB) Image 13:19
  1. we've somehow reached outside of the bounds

    我們已經在某種程度上達成 的範圍之外
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  1. 1. Past tence of bind 2. A springy jump 3. On the way to somewhere 4. Limit of a property
    1. They bound my hands together. 2. The dog went bounding after the ball. 3. We are bound for America. 4. We had gone out of bounds.
  2. UK Slang- Meaning you are on your way to a place. Usually used in social networking sites. Similiar phrases including "On route" "En route" and "Pon route"
    On the way to the airport- Airport-Bound On the way to Alton Towers - Towers-Bound etc
  3. B'afe is a term which has been altered from safe with the word 'bare' infront. Bare wounds, which is taken from the chavy term of wounds, or in normal english term of "oh dear" Rhyming words can be used to shorten these shortened phrases, if you get what I mean. This can be applied to most words
    Normal person - "oh no i lost my keys" Chavy person - "Barry" = Barry B'ounds
  4. the act of doing the dirty in the storage closet of your highschool (if you do it in middle school, you're just a slut)
    I got bound yesterday by my hot teacher, yo