IPA [bæk] KK [bæk]
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In this paper, a Boiler Operation Optimizing model is built by using BP (Back-Propagation) Neural Network.

Please ask her to call me back when she's.

Compton Back-Scattering is a new type of non-destructive inspection technology.
康普頓背散射(Compton Back-scattering)技術是一種新型的無損檢測技術。

The three players in the back row are called left back, center back and right back.

Back in the West. Back on the court. Back as a starting center.

物理教學 慣性定理 (A Baffling Balloon Behavior - Smarter Every Day 113)

物理教學 慣性定理 (A Baffling Balloon Behavior - Smarter Every Day 113) Image 04:41
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  2. all that water sloshes to the back.

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  1. An especially fine woman's butt.
    So ladies (yeah), ladies (yeah) If you wanna role in my Mercedes (yeah) Then turn around Stick it out Even white boys got to shout Baby got back All credit humbly given to Sir-Mix-a-Lot
  2. A reference to the buttocks, usually referred to woman who have a bigger than normal ass.
    "Daaaammmnnnnn, baby got back!"
  3. Is a term used by (usually) pot smokers though it can be used when a group of people are smoking (sharing) anything. The person who "calls" "backs" gets to take second hit. Kind of like calling "shotgun" for passenger seat of a car...
    *Todd prepares to spark the blunt.. Rodd: I got backs! Dodd: Fuck, I got trips Dick: shit that means I'm last. Technically this is better for me because the smoke from the smoked weed passes through the blunt and deposits THC resin on the bud that it passes through to get the mouth end of the blunt. This means my first hit will yield more THC for me. Yet, it also means that I will have a smaller number of total hits on the blunt. This means I must chief on the blunt like a motherfucker.
  4. A back is a non-alcoholic drink served alongside a shot. Backs are also sometimes called chasers. Sometimes a small beer served alongside a shot is considered a back.
    Gimme a shot of whiskey with a coke back.
  5. A (navy) call made when you have to get past someone in the passageway, or to announce your presence in the room.
    As Roof enters the mess he would call "backs" which would result in a response of "backs" by every member in the mess. A non-response generally means that the paticular members sexuality is questioned. "Backs, big unit coming through" as Parko or Reid pass you on the way to 2 Mess.
  6. a slang word for the US Dollar.
    Derived from the word greenbacks, for the USA's green paper bills.