• US /ækt/
  • UK /ækt/
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  • v. 表現;舉動; 演出;
  • n. 行動;行為; 法例; 扮演;表演;
  • He needs to act his age, he’s just being childish
  • Daniel Radcliffe didn’t act well in the first Harry Potter films
  • The act of giving presents is better than receiving them
  • The new act meant that we would now need a license to fish in the rivers
  • The third act was so sad that I cried

【TED】比爾蓋茲談能源 : 至零方休的革新 ! (Innovating to zero! | Bill Gates)

【TED】比爾蓋茲談能源 : 至零方休的革新 ! (Innovating to zero! | Bill Gates) Image 29:33
  1. to buy us 20 or 30 years to get our act together.

    以爭取增加20或者30 年的緩衝時間整合我們的行動。
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安东尼罗宾演讲视频 (Tony Robbins

安东尼罗宾演讲视频 (Tony Robbins Image 34:08
  1. again, because we all act consistent with who we believe we are.

    再次,因為大家都行動一致 誰,我們相信我們。
  2. you're not going to be crazy and act nuts, unless you're really drunk or something. then

    你不會是瘋了,行為堅果, 除非你真的醉了什麼的。然後
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  1. (1) (also ACT Assessment) A standardized test, administered mostly in the midwestern United States by the ACT organization. ACT stood for American College Testing until 1996 when, in a similar manner to the [SAT], it shortened its name to ACT to "better reflect the broad range of services" they offer to high school students. (2) An abbreviation for Australian Capital Territory, which contains Canberra, Australia's capital (NOT Sydney).
    (1) I have taken the ACT 3 times. (2) CANBERRA, ACT - In a landmark vote, Australia's Parliament voted to allow compressed soybean oil to be sold on the open market provided its packaging...
  2. An SAT-style test that's so baller easy that someone like me who says "baller" can manage to get a 31.
    Bob: I studied for the SAT since October and I got a 1670. Danny: I got a 31 on the ACT and I studied in while driving on the freeway to school that morning.
  3. An acronym standing for Action Conquers Terror. It is unclear whether this was originally a military acronym, where personnel are trained to overcome fear by action until this becomes automatic. It does, however, highlight that people are capable of far more than they realise, and that fears can be beaten when they are confronted. Action show fears and self-doubt as merely a question of attitude; forward-looking action overcomes habit and inertia to produce something new and is the simplest way to start the process of change.
    Don't just sit there worrying about it, do something! ACT!
  4. the worst test ever. suppose to kill you and make sure you wont pass in life. a test in school to see if you can remember stuff you wont ever use in later in life EVER.
    Hey did u pass the ACT? No it made sure it ruined my future plans in life.
  5. 1. a display of pretend feeling 2. a dramatic mimicking
    He just tried to fool us with his apparent fear, but we knew it was an act.
  6. ACT= Asshole Coming Through A guy who is not worth your time, but thinks he's the shit. A guy you just can't be bothered with, so you let him go on through.
    "Gurl, look who came in, this [act] is doing the most. I wouldn't touch him with a 10ft pole."