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外國人嘗試台灣食物 (Foods to Try in Taiwan )

外國人嘗試台灣食物 (Foods to Try in Taiwan ) Image 09:45
  1. 7-11, lots of places.

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【數字狂】你知道11.11.11有什麼樣不同的意思嗎? 11.11.11 - Numberphile

【數字狂】你知道11.11.11有什麼樣不同的意思嗎? 11.11.11 - Numberphile Image 07:20
  1. that's 11/11/11.

    在英國是 11/11/11 ( 註:日 / 月/ 年 )
  2. or if you're american, that's 11/11/11, right?

    如果你是美國人的話,則是 11/11/11 ( 註:月 / 日 / 年 )
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  1. [Another one]
    [Dj Khaled's] [favorite] number is 11 because it has [another one]
  2. The [number] something is [rated] when it is [beyond awesome].
    [Dude]! [That chick's], like, an 11!
  3. In the games Age Of ..., is the [taunt] for [laughing]. You type 11 and hear [a laugh]. Has the same meaning as LOL.
    "I survived [order 66]"! "11, [you wouldn't] have to say this!"*shoot* Look at that [costume], that's really makes me 11!
  4. One [louder]. It's where you go when you're already at 10 and you need that extra [push over] [the cliff].
    It's [one] [louder], [isn't it]?
  5. 1 louder, innit. The highest number in the world of rock. The ultimate [rock n' roll] number. If you need that extra [push over] [the cliff], turn it to 11!
    1. These go to 11 2. 11 is one [louder], [innit]? 3. [My computer] goes to 11
  6. a [number]. [Come on] [people]
    If you [add] 2 and 9, you get 11.
  7. A number reference for going to lunch. Taken from [Richard Pryor's] [stand up] [routine] about his father on the time he was to return home.
    Hey, you [understand] 11, don't you! [Sure] do, where [do you] want to go?
  8. A "[10]" that [swallows]
    "damn man, [I just] [found] out that [my sister] is an 11."
  9. A [reply] given for any [question] as a [meme]
    "Hey man, what's [the answer] on the [homework]?" "11" "What [color] shirt is he wearing?" "11"