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Word of mouth is the most powerful form of marketing.
It builds brands,
drives sales,
and sparks conversations
both consumer to consumer
and consumer to brand
The founders of WOMMA, the Word of Mouth Marketing Association, had
the vision to understand that the power of WOM
would only increase as people became more interconnected through social media.
This vision continues today
as WOMMA has become the premier organization focused on representing and
improving the word of mouth marketing industry.
Word of mouth marketing can be defined simply as any business action that
earns a customer recommendation.
Delivering the best product in a category,
providing a great customer experience,
rewarding customer loyalty.
These are all examples of business actions that can earn customer recommendations.
Recommendations are important to marketers because when a recommendation
is earned, it indicates preference from a customer,
leads to purchase by a customer, and results in a strong probability that the
customer will tell others through word of mouth.
As an organization, WOMMA believes the most effective word of mouth marketing
follows five principles.
It's credible,
respectful, social,
and repeatable.
Here's how we define each principal:
Credible word of mouth is honest and authentic marketing messages
from brands to customers
and from customers to customers.
Respectful word of mouth is transparent and trustworthy behavior
as it relates to privacy matters between brands and consumers.
Social word of mouth involves brands listening to conversations, participating
in conversations, responding to conversations,
and encouraging conversations online and offline.
Measurable word of mouth is the ability to define, monitor, and evaluate a program's success.
Repeatable word of mouth is the ability to do it over and over again in order
for a business to become a truly talkable brand.
The reality is: not every brand becomes talkable.
However, through WOMMA's ongoing education and its growing community of
visionary marketers, you can learn what's working today
and what will work tomorrow
to make your brand
a talkable brand.


五個口語傳播行銷原則 (WOMMA | 5 Principles of Word of Mouth Marketing)

8964 分類 收藏
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