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I've just finished two years of this journey,
and now there are two years left.
India, Myanmar, Laos,
Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand,
Malaysia, Singapore,
Indonesia, Bali,
Taiwan, China, Japan,
and then now I am here. - Korea. -Yeah.
When I go to another country
I get excited about how people talk to each other.
Language is a big deal.
But when I'm travelling,
how does one learn all these languages?
I'm a vegetarian.
I'm a vegetarian.
'I'm a vegetarian.'
– Ah. You're vegetarian.
– Vegetarian, yes.
Ah yes, yes.
Google presents
SEARCH ON, an original documentary series
Pedaling For Peace Episode 9
I found that humans,
many years back,
fought in groups, and would fight with stones.
Today we are still fighting in groups.
But now we have guns instead of stones.
We think we have developed a lot,
but that is not development.
In 2019, it's Mahatma Gandhi's 150th birthday!
Because of this occasion, I thought
I should spread Gandhi's thoughts to people and children
in every country.
Mahatma Gandhi's thoughts about truth, love and compassion –
how could I spread that
around the world using a bicycle?
I will travel the world for 4 years,
across 75 countries.
I carry my clothes, diaries, books,
repairing materials.
I have the tent, because
most of the time, I'm staying outside.
And balloons for the children.
I told my mum, and she is very angry with me.
'You're a crazy person!'
'You have to study!'
But I decide
this is a real education.
I want to learn more about the world.
I want to know about people,
how do they live,
how do they grow up,
how do they face everyday problems.
– P, E, A, C, E…
I want to find solutions.
And this is my first step to understanding.
I left India 18 November 2016. [INDIA Day 0]
and then I started my journey.
Today I'm cycling 70 kilometres (44 miles.) [MYANMAR Day 16]
My favourite part is [LAOS Day 49]
when I go to some other country. [VIETNAM Day 92]
[CAMBODIA Day 118]
when I meet people,
people's faces, their perception,
their lifestyle. [MALAYSIA Day 183]
So nice to meet you! [THAILAND Day 193]
It's a beautiful house! [SINGAPORE Day 213]
[TAIWAN Day 293]
So this is where I slept for the night.
So far in my journey there have been a lot of problems.
At times the cycle gets punctured.
In Thailand dogs attacked me and tore up my leg.
One time I was starving for 4–5 days.
It was difficult to communicate with people.
This is a misunderstanding, I think.
Language is a medium to unite with people.
Through language you can express your feelings to other people. [CHINA Day 312]
But I just know little bit of languages.
So when I'm travelling, I have two options. [JAPAN Day 415]
I know very well [KOREA Day 550]
Marathi, English and Hindi.
And then second language is Google Translate.
[I travel here from India]
– I travel here from India.
We have our Buddhists in the temple
and would like to celebrate the beginning of your journey.
You guys are doing the same thing.
Whether you are riding a bicycle or on a temple stay,
you are both doing it for world peace and friendship.
– Can you give him a round of applause?
Mr. Dnyan, welcome. [Applause]
– I can't randomly go and ask any person about what his problems are.
So I speak to the crowd.
I have been travelling for a year and a half on my bicycle.
I want to spread the message of peace and love.
For those people who are touched,
maybe they can connect with me.
[Welcome to Korea.]
We are always taught that borders are our country.
And that's not true.
People, tradition, their lifestyles make a country.
When I was in my childhood, we used to talk a lot about America.
After many Visas being refused,
I was pretty sure that I would never get to visit America.
After a long struggle [KOREA Day 589]
I got an opportunity to come here.
Welcome to America. [UNITED STATES Day 618]
Beautiful road.
There are so many tractor companies here,
John Deere.
Today I have some small accident.
Pick up me,
and he takes me to his home.
– Sara, try again!
A family who I didn't even know
took me in and took great care of me.
And especially they order Indian food for me tonight.
They don't know me.
I don't know them!
Why they have the compassion for me?
[35 Pearl St.]
I'm travelling around the world.
India, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia,
Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Bali, Taiwan,
China, Japan, Korea, and then here.
– Right. Where did you start in the US?
– San Francisco. – San Francisco, and you cycled all across? Awesome.
– Yeah. I think I counted 26,000 kilometres (16,155 miles).
– 26,000 kilometres! – Yeah.
– And 2 – wow!
Looks good for all the mileage you put on it. – Yeah.
– Got your little comfy seat, little gel seat.
– You know, when I had the accident,
right here, under here is broken.
He's my watchdog. – OK. That's cool.
He take care of my bike and everything.
– Good luck on the rest of your ride. – Thank you for your kind support!
See you in India.
India is waiting for you.

So, how many people do you host here?
– It depends.
I just started at the beginning of this month.
I came for college, studying here.
– Ah. – Yeah.
And then I started teaching people Chinese here.
– Uh huh
– And then they – you know, it's very rewarding
to have people learn my language and culture.
– Language is connection to
connect 2 people,
so that is most important.
When I was in India, I'd wish 'namaste!'
When I was in Thailand,
I'd say 'sawadika!'
And in Vietnam, I'd say 'xin chao.'
And they think I'm a part of this family.
If I give the Indian coin, maybe you come to India.
– Take a picture of me.
– OK. Thank you. Thank you so much.
– Keep in touch. – Yeah. I'm sure.
Man is developing,
but he's also made many creatures miserable.
But in some places there are some people
who respect every creature in the world.
– Hey.
It's lovely people around the world.
– Well, you must emanate a beautiful spirit
to receive that also.
– If you love all the creatures of this planet,
they love you. They take care of you.
Thank you. Thank you.
When I was in Korea, I see Korean people.
When I was in China, I see only Chinese people.
But this country I feel
one world.
That is beauty. [UNITED STATES Day 723]
[CUBA Day 814]
After two months I shall enter Cuba.
I am ready for new experiences, to meet new people.
And yesterday I met Hector.
He rides his motorcycle
and earns money for his family.
I spent the entire day with him yesterday
and he took me around the city.

Thank you, my friend!
– What do you say? – You like this balloon?
– Thank you.
– You are welcome.
[Do you have a place I could stay for the night?]
This is a bug. It's called 'Spaceship.'
– One can learn a lot from children.
Their dreams, their open-heartedness,
their pure sentiments.
[What do you want to do in the future?]
A pilot of a giant plane!
Look. I made it with a box.
I don't think we can teach anything to children,
perhaps we can learn from them.

When I was in Indonesia, I met a Cuban girl. Her name was Amalia.
– This one is on the house! – Thank you.
She asked me if I had any plans to visit Cuba.
I said, 'Definitely. I am touring the entire world.'
[Thank you so much. Your flowers are very beautiful!]
Thank you so much. Thank you.

Amalia! How are you?
Long time not see you.
– How are you? – Good.
– Thank you so much. I'm so glad to see you.
– Thank you so much. Thank you
How is Mum and everything?
– She is waiting for you. – She is at home?
– Yes. She is cooking right now. – Oh my God.

We should dance freely. Live freely.
It is a very small line, 'Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam.'
It means this whole world is a family.
[I will get another bicycle and travel with you.]
He says you're a beautiful woman. [Laughter]
– I'm an 89-year-old woman.
But it's OK.
Life is meant to be lived.
I did not know anything about the world.
But I wanted to contribute something to it.
Gandhi always used to say,
'When the people of the world love each other,
and meet with each other,
only then will peace be possible.'
– We all want peace in the world.
– I had the realisations,
peace depends…
on people to come to each other,
talking to each other, understanding the problems to each other
and try to give support to each other.
– Are you not busy?
I feel that our existence will not progress without love.
[I thank you from my heart.]
I think that this cycle journey is a small step.
I will roam until 2020 and meet people.
– I am very happy to meet you
and will always remember you.
You are great. – Yeah.
– I am great? – Yeah.
And maybe I do not know your language,
but I would like to find out who you are.
Love and friendship.
I wander with these words.
To all those willing to say hello.
Search on.


Ep 9: Pedaling for Peace l SEARCH ON

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