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Coming together to remember a remarkable woman, Madame Yueh-Lan Wang, the leaders of Taiwan's political and business
communities, family and friends. They came for a special ceremony of remembrance for
the matriarch of the Wang family, and the first lady of the Formosa Plastics Group,
affectionately known as Big Mother. President Ma Ying-Jeou bestowed on Yueh-Lan, a Presidential
Citation, in recognition of her role in toiling arduously at her husband's side
in establishing FPG, in so doing helping the economic development of Taiwan. As the highest
honor Taiwan can give to one of its citizens, it was accepted by Dr. Winston Wong, eldest
son of Y.C. Wang. Marrying YC Wang while both were teenagers, Yueh-Lan was YC Wang's only
legal wife, and she devoted herself to her husband's business ambitions and their shared
dream of happiness together, becoming his lifelong partner for 73 years, until his death
in 2008. In a moving tribute Dr. Winston Wong described Yueh-Lan as a steadfast beacon of
light who was strong, courageous and an eternal optimist.
Dr. Wong recalled how Yueh-Lan befriended his birth mother, Yang Chiao, and
treated her children as her own, growing up in a household that was full of love and sharing.
Leading the service was the Reverend Weng
Hsiu Kung, who baptized Yueh-Lan into the Christian faith decades ago. He remembered
Sister Yueh-Lan as being a quiet, honest, and extraordinary woman of few words.
In all the eulogies and reminiscences of Yueh-Lan, her generosity of spirit and humility were constant themes.
Through her lifelong commitment to others and the example
of sacrifice she set has become in many ways a Big Mother
to an entire nation. The leaders who have gathered here today are a testament to that.
The same Presidential citation was bestowed upon Y.C. Wang upon his death in 2008 an honor accepted by Dr.
Wong on that occasion also. The Citation now for Yueh-Lan, secures her legacy as one of
Taiwan s great unsung heroes. And this service re-affirmed her special place in the hearts
of all those who knew and loved her and were loved by her in boundless measure.


王永慶之妻王月蘭追思會 (Highlights of Memorial Service of Madam Yueh-Lan Wang, Formosa Plastics Group Founding Mother)

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阿多賓 發佈於 2014 年 1 月 18 日
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