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My name is Jonah. I'm 14 years old and live in San Diego California.
My favorite hobby is playing guitar. I've been playing for 5 years, and I play everyday.
I built my own guitar from a block of wood,
designing it and even soldering the electronics inside.
I love music because I feel that you can express yourself through it, and there is so much
freedom to do whatever you want.
Music makes me realize how the tiniest of things like choosing one note over another could change our response to a song.
The inspiration for my project came from my passion for music, and realizing there are
people out there who cannot experience it the way I do.
One day when I wanted to play guitar with my friend in a noisy classroom but we couldn't
hear it, I realized that when I put my teeth on the guitar it helped me hear it over the noise.
After some research I learned that this was
bone conduction and from there I learned about tactile sound, which is the experience of
sound through vibrations against the body. I wanted to explore the idea that tactile
sound could help deaf people enjoy music. The perception of music for people with hearing
loss is diminished because they are unable to process certain frequencies.
I developed a tactile sound device, which I called K-MAD, to try and improve their experience
of music. I found volunteers with hearing loss to try
it. First, I tested their ability to recognise melody, beat and lyrics without the device.
Then, after finding the optimal position on their bodies for each frequency, I repeated
the test with my device. There was a 93.5% improvement from the most
responsive group. "One volunteer said that they could "hear
and sense the individual instruments as they came together and became music."
One of the most meaningful outcomes of the experiment was watching the subjects' reactions
as they heard music though the K-MAD for the first time.
I've learned so much from the project. It's exciting to think that this might have an
impact on people with hearing loss and in their ability to appreciate music.


貼心發明,讓聾人透過震動聽音樂 (Google Science Fair: Listening to Music through Vibration)

7691 分類 收藏
QAM Chen 發佈於 2014 年 1 月 17 日
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