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[Content Advisory: This video contains graphic descriptions of violence, self-harm, and death.]
Have you ever seen someone die?
There was this party and some people drove by and shot up this area.
And one of my friends got shot in the stomach.
And as everybody's running by, she's yelling "I don't want to die, I don't want to die."
And she dies.
So, yeah kind of.
[We asked 100 people if they've ever seen someone die.]
Have you ever seen someone die?
Have I ever seen somebody die?
Like the active dying, like?
Why are you asking this?
It's people talking about what it looks like for someone to die.
-But if you're not comfortable... -No.
Have you ever seen someone die?
I have not.
You've never seen someone die?
I have not seen someone die.
Seen a dead body?
I've never even been to a funeral.
I don't know how I'd feel, I'd probably be in shock first and probably call an ambulance, right?
Have you ever seen someone die?
I'm trying to...what is this, what's the cops'...what's going on?
I'm gonna say no comment at this time.
Have you ever seen someone die?
-No. -Never.
I haven't seen anyone die.
Not in real life, no.
Are you curious?
Oh yeah.
I was a protest kid, looking at a lot of videos of people dying.
There was a DVD that went around and it was just a compilation video of people dying.
Have you ever seen someone die?
Have you ever seen a dead body?
Only animals.
I did have to put down my cat.
It was horrible.
I don't do well with death.
Have you seen someone die?
I have not seen anyone die, I have seen a dead body in, like, an open casket.
Dead bodies are scary.
It's almost like they're not real.
I never wanna see one again.
My grandfather's funeral, there was an open casket.
He didn't look like himself.
-Very skinny. - His jaw was stuck open.
It did not look peaceful.
It was weird.
My dad's dad passed away when I was a freshman in college.
My twin brother and I were up at the casket and I was sobbing.
Did it feel like closure?
To be honest, I don't even think I have closure now.
Did it make you reflect on your own mortality?
Oh sure, but I think about that daily.
Have you ever seen someone die?
Yeah, this cat who was, like, just walking down the street.
He had a seizure, he froze up, he fell.
He smacked his head really hard on the ground and then he like, stopped breathing, he was laying there, he was dead.
And then this guy came and gave him CPR and then he went... came back to life.
And then we went and got pancakes.
I'm being deadass, yo.
Have you ever seen someone die?
I saw a guy just get hit by a car.
It was like a white truck flipped over.
So I could just see, like, their shoulders and their head slumped over the wheel.
And there was like pieces of brains on the freeway.
Have you ever seen someone die?
I grew up where gang violence was actually really heavy.
I'm from Detroit, I've seen a couple people on the sidewalk dead.
Like shot to death.
I did watch someone get stabbed.
The paramedics came and they just put a tarp over him with his feet just sticking out.
Have you ever seen someone die?
It was, like, my birthday, I was sitting in my car, smoking a little joint to myself.
Then, the gentlemen, there's two of them, they come out and they're arguing.
And then one of them just pulled out a gun and shot him.
Have you ever seen someone die?
I actually have seen somebody die.
One of my best friends and I were doing the church service in the morning, it was actually as we were, like, getting up to sing "Amazing Grace," someone in the audience died.
Have you ever seen someone die?
Well I'm a nurse, so yes.
When you're in the medical profession, people don't always die fast.
Their breathing changes and I mean it can go on for hours, some people days.
I used to work like many CNAs with older population, Geriatrics.
The first woman I ever saw die, she had two sons, they were called when she was on her death bed and nobody came.
And it was really just surreal for me because I never thought that there were actually people out there that didn't have somebody that would want to be with them when they died.
Have you ever seen someone die?
Yes, when I was 17.
I was at a sporting event and there was an accident.
Some debris flew into the crowd and the child sitting near me was decapitated and died.
It was very very difficult, I'm sure, for his family, but as someone who was in the area that was really difficult for me to work through what mortality means at such a young age.
Have you ever seen someone die?
Yeah, we're in like a hospice room, he doesn't look like my grandfather anymore.
What'd he look like when you saw him?
Really pale.
It's like a yellow tint takes over.
There was like no warmth, that's something that stays with me.
It was a very sad moment.
Everyone there showing their emotions and stuff.
My grandma, who has been with him exclusively since she was like fucking 13 said "I love you, Bob."
And my aunt was like "Oh, he said 'I love you' back".
And he fucking didn't, he actually just had green shit come out of his mouth 'cause that's death.
It's not romantic.
Have you ever seen someone die?
It was my grandmother.
-Just died of a fever. -Heart attack.
-ALS. -Diabetes.
-Throat cancer. -Coma.
They pulled the plug and we all sat there watched her take her last breath.
It's sad when you see life fading out of a person.
Did you stay there a while?
Uh no, we left pretty quickly.
It was just such a slow death.
When she passed, it kinda felt like a relief.
It was really, kind of, disturbing honestly.
Have you ever seen someone die?
I had a friend that passed away but not something I would want to talk about.
Why do you think death is so hard?
I just think people don't, like their brains can't handle it, you know?
It's like they um, I'm sorry.
No, it's okay.
Have you ever seen someone die?
-No. -I have not.
-I've been blessed. -I'm in no rush.
Have you ever seen someone die?
Ah, never.
Have you?
My dad in the hospital.
Have you ever seen someone die?
My dad, he had cancer.
Oh shit, this is hard to talk about.
I lost my dad recently, too.
I mean, you don't have to.
Yeah yeah no, I'm good on this one.
Have you ever seen someone die?
Yes, my little sister.
I think she only survived like a week.
I was there when my little brother passed away.
Have you ever seen someone die?
Yes, my mother committed suicide when I was a child, and I was the one that found her.
What do you think happens after we die?
Oh, so much!
I also think it depends on the kinda person you are.
I think where we go after we die is the exact same place we were before we were born.
I guess I believe in reincarnation.
I don't believe in afterlife.
Do you believe in a soul?
Death is the one thing in my life that doesn't scare me.
Why aren't you scared of death?
Death just is and things that just are.
It's not good or bad, it's just something that has to happen.



生死之間:你曾看過人死去嗎...? (Have You Seen Someone Die? | Keep it 100 | Cut)

1674 分類 收藏
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