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  • Welcome to T P M Vince Disney be.

  • We talk about all things Disney Now Disney called their employees cast members because they're all part of the show.

  • That is the Disney parts and even if their role is unnecessarily a performer in a shore Parade based will spread that Disney Magic and entertain you.

  • These Disney cast members really enjoy their roles, and they're working somewhere where they can have fun, let loose and act a little crazy crazy.

  • So we present to you the top 10 most epic Disney cast members busting a move Number 10 Dancing John at the Magic Kingdom, who seems to know all the choreography to the old dream, along with Mickey Castle.

  • She Oh, number nine.

  • These cast members really know how to have a good time while waiting for the Pixar Powers.

  • Count on the way.

  • Well, all of them, except for one guy.

  • Number eight.

  • We'd argue it's worth it to go to the Tiki Room and Disneyland just to see this one cast member for Theo.

  • Number seven.

  • This next cast member pops and locks his way through Tomorrowland, and we got to say some pretty good moves.

  • Number six this cast member is the dancer of the group.

  • Wonder if he ever became a parade performer.

  • Way Number five Chris Cars Land flaggers its cast members like these that really embody that Disney Spirit Number four.

  • Now, although what?

  • The Magic Kingdom will give you a run for your money with these dance rooms.

  • He was showing off right after the afternoon parade way.

  • Number three.

  • Best custodial cast member Epcot has ever seen Way Number two, the energetic approach of directing traffic during a parade at the Magic Kingdom theme and the number one Disney cast member Barbara at the Magic Kingdom is best known for her infectious energy.

  • You find her dancing her way down Main Street USA almost every day, and she was never short on dance moves.

  • So have you ever experienced an epic Disney cast member while you were at the park?

  • If you have leave a comment below, if you have a video or fail you'd like to share with us, follow the link in the description below.

Welcome to T P M Vince Disney be.


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