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Hey, everybody.
I'm Cristen from "Stuff Mom Never Told You" here to tell you why Friday the 13th is considered unlucky.
Because in North America and Europe, a significant proportion of the population behaves very strangely on Friday the 13th.
Some people won't fly in airplanes, host parties, apply for jobs, get married, or even start new projects.
In fact, in the United States, roughly 8% of the population is afraid of Friday the 13th,
which is a condition known as, say it with me, Paraskevidekatriaphobia. That's right.
It is actually a combination of two separate fears.
We have fear of the number 13, called triskaidekaphobia, and fear of Fridays, which is funny
because, you know, everybody is always working for the weekend, or so I thought.
Anyway the most familiar source of both of these phobias is actually Christian theology.
Thirteen is significant to Christians because it is the number of people who were present at the Last Supper,
because you've got Jesus and his Twelve Apostles.
And Judas, the Apostle who betrayed Jesus, was allegedly the thirteenth member of the party to arrive.
I mean, I think Judas was just being fashionably late, but you know.
Now Christians have traditionally been wary of Fridays because they also think that Jesus was crucified on a Friday.
Some theologians think that Adam and Eve ate from the Forbidden Fruit on a Friday.
What's going on? Why are all of the worst events in the Bible happening on Friday, including the Great Flood.
Yeah, supposedly Noah and his Ark set sail on a Friday.
Is Friday God's least favorite day? I'm starting to maybe think that it is.
Because of all this, in the past many Christians would never begin any new project or trip on a Friday
for fear that the endeavour would be doomed from the start.
Now sailors were particularly superstitious in this regard, often refusing to ship out to sea on a Friday.
Now, according to nautical legend, in the 18th century the British Navy commissioned a ship called the HMS Friday in order to quell this superstition.
The Navy selected the crew on a Friday.
They launched the ship on a Friday.
They even selected a man named James Friday as the ship's captain.
And then one Friday morning the ship set sail.
But as bad luck would have it, it disappeared.
Now, some historians then also traced a Christian distrust of Friday to the Church's overall opposition to pagan religions,
because, did you know, Friday is named after Frigg, the Norse goddess of love and sex
who sounds like a really fun lady to invite to one of your weekend parties.
Now this strong female figure, these historians claimed, posed a threat to the male-dominated Christianity.
So to fight her influence, the Christian Church characterized her as a witch, vilifying the day after her.
Now this characterization may have also played a part in the fear of the number 13, triskaidekaphobia.
Do you remember that word? Yeah. I did.
I can just, now start to say it correctly.
It was said that Frigg would often join a convent of witches, normally a group of 12, bringing the total number to 13.
And a similar Christian tradition holds that thirteen is unholy because it signifies the gathering of 12 witches and the devil.
What? That's kinda cool.
Now, some trace the infamy of the number 13 also back to ancient Norse culture.
In Norse mythology, the beloved hero Baldr was killed at a banquet by the malevolent god Loki,
who crashed the party of, you guessed it, 12, bringing the group to 13.
And this story plus the story of the Last Supper led to one of the most entrenched connotations of the number 13.
You should never sit down to a meal at a group of 13.
Another significant part of the Friday the 13th legend is particularly bad.
And this was a Friday the 13th that occurred in the Middle Ages.
On a Friday the 13th in 1306, King Philip of France burned the revered Knights of Templar at the stake, marking the day as an occasion of evil.
Now these days, some people come to fear Friday the 13th because of misfortune they've experienced on that day in the past.
So if you get into a car wreck on Friday the 13th or lose your wallet on that day, then that superstition is bound to stick with you.
If you think about it, terrible things, horrible things, or just mundane things
like spilling coffee on your lap, losing your wallet, losing your cell phone, et cetera.
This stuff happens all of the time.
If you're looking for bad luck on Friday the 13th, you'll probably find it.
Same thing with Saturday the 14th or Sunday the 15th, bad luck is everywhere, people.
So why do we consider Friday the 13th unlucky?
Well, maybe just because we want to.
If you want to learn more about traditions, cultures,
and how our bodies work in this crazy modern world, you should watch more BrainStuff videos.
And don't forget to subscribe.
It's a very lucky thing to do.
I promise.


為何十三號星期五不討喜? (Why Is Friday the 13th Considered Unlucky?)

42279 分類 收藏
阿多賓 發佈於 2015 年 2 月 20 日



黑色星期五又稱為十三號星期五,是西方的迷信,因為耶穌死在星期五,而 13 是不吉利的數字,而這兩者的結合令人相信當天會發生不幸的事情,”paraskevi + dekatria + phobia” 指的就是黑色星期五恐懼症,是來自星期五的希臘文 paraskeví 以及數字 13 希臘文的 dekatreís,另外,對不吉利的數字 13 恐懼的症狀稱為 triskadekaphobia。有一首歌曲以「黑色星期五」為名,是世界三大魔曲之一,被稱為「魔鬼的邀請書」,傳說聽過這首歌而自殺的人數以百計,因為他們都無法忍受這憂傷的旋律,實在太可怕了!

fashionably late 1:25
fashionably late 意思是時尚的遲到?不,其實 fashionably late 是一個常用的說法,指的是精心設計的遲到,故意遲到大概五分鐘左右,希望讓別人覺得自己很忙、常常在處理大生意,或是給人一個自己是很受歡迎的大忙人的形象。

在台灣,常聽到別人用「你很fashion!」來形容一個人很有型,但其實這是個誤用,因為 fashion 本身是名詞,要形容他人很流行,應該要用形容詞 fashionable 才對!

E.g., After arriving fashionably late at the party, Joyce gracefully nursed the wine and danced with Bruce.
E.g., Hey, look at her new bag. It’s fashionable!


美國派 (3/12) (American Pie (3/12) Movie CLIP - Wild Thing (1999) HD

crucify 這個字源自於聖經,指的是耶穌被釘上十字架處死,例如影片中的 “Jesus was crucified on a Friday.” ;後來也引申為折磨、虐待,同 torturetorment 等字。其實 crucify 還有不同的意思,可以用來指嚴厲的批評、評論某人事物,或是壓抑、克制肉慾。另外,俗語 crucify the savior 指的是「完成一件艱巨的任務」,當你做完一件很有挑戰性的事物時可以使用這個俗語。

E.g., The police crucified him to confess his crime.
E.g., His critical feedbacks crucified Claire’s performance.
E.g., I’ve been studying for almost 10 hours. I’m gonna crucify the savior!

launched the ship2:22
launch 這個字是非常實用的字,在影片中 launched the ship 指的是「使船下水、出海」,也可以用來指飛機、太空船、火箭等等「發射」的動作,如 the launch of the rocket,或是指「發動」戰爭、「發起」某個有組織性的活動。如果 launch 當「發起」活動時,跟 start(開始)有點不太一樣,launch 通常指開始一件大規模或重要的、有組織、經過計畫的事,像是某些 project 或 campaign;另外,我們也會用 launch 指職場上新產品進入市場或發行,例如新車上市、新品發表等等。

E.g., I think it’s time for me to launch my own career.
E.g., The producers decide to launch a new version of candies.

That’s kind of cool 3:37
在口語中常常聽到美國人使用 kind of 這個片語,我們稱它為 “filler” 填補詞,簡單來說即是在講話思考時多出來的話,像是中文對話中常常出現「那個...」或「所以...」等等,意義模糊,看似有意義卻又沒意義。kind of 的意思可以表示「有點而」、「完全」或「完全否定」,用途廣泛,這類模糊的填補詞想表達的意義要端看上下文而定,例如影片中 ”That’s kind of cool.” 意思是「真酷!」 。除了 kind of 之外,也可以使用 sort of ,更口語一點,也可以簡化為 kindasorta,多在對話中使用這類的填補詞能夠讓你更像美國人喔!

E.g., A: Do you like this movie?
         B: Sort of.
        A: 你喜歡這部電影嗎?
        B: 普普通通啦。

E.g., Today’s kinda a bad day.


【TED】你知道我們的食物來源嗎? (What has your food been eating? Laurent Adamowicz at TEDxBeaconStreet)





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