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  • No trailer?

  • No nothing.

  • Dude, it's crazy.

  • I know everyone is so hyped for this, and we just keep it Feels like we just keep getting let down.

  • But I'm here to tell you guys that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

  • I was watching Doc Stream earlier, and he potentially leaked the fact that it is coming next week I'm gonna show you guys this clip in a few minutes here, but it's pretty wild.

  • And he did it in a way where he can't really get in trouble because he didn't come out directly and say it.

  • So kudos to you, Doc.

  • But thank you for the hint.

  • And we're pretty excited for this now, but yeah, we got completely fooled.

  • Guys, we got everyone was online.

  • I know I was.

  • And I'm sure you guys were, too.

  • We were all sitting around waiting for the 1 p.m. Drop.

  • And what we got was Tom a gun.

  • She a man in game watch a bundle package, and they're definitely giving some hints here. 00:00:59.210 --> 00:01:2.370 If you read the description, the word war zone is in there. 00:01:2.380 --> 00:01:7.160 So another Easter egg yet again at this point, honestly, it's just like they're just toying with us. 00:01:7.170 --> 00:01:7.960 It's pretty cool. 00:01:7.960 --> 00:01:8.630 I'm not gonna lie. 00:01:8.910 --> 00:01:12.000 If it wasn't for the war zone hype, maybe I would be a little more interested in this.

  • But I really was expecting war zone to drop today, so I'm a little bit let down.

  • But you know what?

  • After seeing Doc Stream and listening to what he had to say, I'm pretty hyped because this is, to me a direct confirmation that we will be playing war zone next week, whether it's a beta or a full release.

  • That's not clear here, but he does hint that it's coming next week and I'm gonna roll that clip for you guys right now.

  • Look, Di So when I grown men are fighting craft, you just sit there and left sometime the wings to Gabi.

  • Well, how to get away.

  • All right, respect.

  • Just It was unexpected, you know, Meta movie. 00:01:59.670 --> 00:02:0.290 Oh, absolutely. 00:02:1.220 --> 00:02:11.900 I didn't expect It's been a while since you pull out the old wing suit, but like out, it's Yeah, it has.

  • Okay, I might bust it out next week.

  • Oh, indeed.

  • Just don't forget this conversation, gentleman.

  • Oh, it won't rain.

  • All right.

  • Next week, you're gonna see the you're gonna see the wingsuit.

  • It's a bold prediction or something.

  • All right, guys.

  • So there you go.

  • You heard it.

  • First hand.

  • Doc said he's gonna bust out the wing suit next week, and then he proceeds.

  • It's Elvis and crafty.

  • Remember this conversation and viscose and says, That's like a bold prediction or something.

  • So what that's telling me here is Doc knows something is coming next week. 00:02:57.940 --> 00:03:0.040 He's not installing blackout. 00:03:0.090 --> 00:03:1.400 It's completely dead on PC. 00:03:1.400 --> 00:03:3.460 And I doubt he's booting it up to play on his p s. 00:03:3.460 --> 00:03:5.250 For he's talking about war zone. 00:03:5.580 --> 00:03:16.170 I'm going to go on record right here and say that I 100% believe way are actually getting the original March 10th speculation date for war zone.

  • I'm not sure.

  • Like I said before, if it's going to be a full release, it could just come out in a closed beta for owners of modern warfare.

  • It could just come out as an open beta.

  • And then we could get a full release, maybe in April or something, or it could just be a complete full release.

  • But the way that I feel like this is gonna go.

  • Guys, I feel like on this Friday we are going to get a trailer.

  • There's gonna be some height build up over the weekend or maybe even Monday.

  • We'll get the trailer and then Tuesday, March 10th we are going to see War Zone drop, and I could not be more excited.

  • I have been led down the past few weeks, but to me this seems like the most riel prediction on.

  • And this is the first time that I've actually seen a streamer or any content creator, for that matter that has gone to the activation event confirmed something like this. 00:03:59.570 --> 00:04:2.690 I don't think Doc would have said that if he didn't know something that we don't know. 00:04:2.690 --> 00:04:6.980 So in my opinion here he's talking about war zone, and I think we're getting it. 00:04:7.180 --> 00:04:7.640 Next week. 00:04:7.650 --> 00:04:11.680 Let me know down in the comments below what you guys think about what Doc said here.

  • But I have a feeling that this is exactly what he's talking about.

  • So that's really all I've got for you guys.

  • I'm probably gonna lay low.

  • No more videos until war zone does drop.

  • So if it drops next week, I will be doing a video on that same day.

  • So make sure you subscribe to the channel if you enjoy these type videos and turn your post certifications so you don't miss the next time I post the video.

  • And like I said before, drop any comments down below, let me know what you think about what Doc said.

  • If you have any questions for me, feel free to ask them.

  • I will try to do my best to answer every single question.

  • And if you guys want to hang out live any time you can drop by my twitch and drop me a follow on there.

  • I do stream usually weeknights around 8:30 p.m. Eastern time.

  • I'll have a link to that down in the description below this video.

  • But all right, guys, that's all I've got for you.

  • So keep your hammer's up in the air.

No trailer?


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