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More than 360 people have now died of the Corona virus in Italy, the most outside of China, and nearly 1500 new cases were reported just in the past 24 hours.
Here's NBC's Jennifer Eccleston in Italy tonight, 16 million people in the country's hot zone, now in lock down.
That's more than 1/4 of its population under quarantine, with cases soaring to more than 7000 infected and 366 deaths a 30% spike overnight.
The most fatalities outside of China.
Travel in and out of 14 northern provinces restricted until April, including the city of Venice, a tourist favorite and the massive lumber T region, home to fashion capital Milan. 00:00:59.620 --> 00:01:2.000 And eerie quiet in both cities. 00:01:2.010 --> 00:01:6.820 Iconic sights on Sunday, but overnight panic at this train station. 00:01:7.050 --> 00:01:20.210 Passengers desperate to escape fearful trains would be shutting down weddings and funerals, postponed ski resorts, gyms and malls closed, visitors banned from the Vatican Museum.
Pope Francis, praying for the victims of the epidemic through Livestream, sealed off from worshippers, then surprising a few Pilgrim's with a quick way from his balcony over ST Peter's Square tonight.
The unprecedented quarantine.
Winning praise from the W H o.
It's chief, calling it a courageous step to protect the Italian people.
Tom Hi, everyone.
George Stephanopoulos Here.
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Major lockdown in Italy from coronavirus

29 分類 收藏
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