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Today we're making brown breadcrumb pudding for a luncheon sweet dish.
It is also good for the upper servants, or a middle-class family.
For this recipe you will need:
Brown breadcrumbs
Candied peel
Black treacle
Wine, and to serve, wine sauce
This is a really good recipe because it uses up stale bread.
You make it into breadcrumbs.
It doesn't matter whether they're fresh or dry
but if they're too dry they will need more moisture.
I'm now going to add my ingredients.
Brown bread is very rarely consumed at Audley End House
because white bread is more refined.
But there are some who say that brown bread is better for you.
You can even buy health bread to ease digestion.
Sugar to taste
and now the egg yolks
Once the butter is well blended into the mix it's time to whisk the egg whites.
This can be done much quicker in a copper bowl.
And now they're whisked, fold them into the mixture.
This recipe is from America and I believe they use molasses instead of the treacle.
It also calls for either brandy or wine.
I think I'll use wine.
There. Now it's ready for the mould.
I've lined my mould with butter to give it some grease and now the last of the
mixture is going in.
A little bit of buttered paper
and there we are.
And now to the range.
Once it's been steaming for about an hour you can take it out.
And now we're going to take the cloth off and reveal the pudding.
And I'm going to turn it out and present it on this plate.
I'm going to serve this pudding with a wine sauce.
All puddings are improved with a wine sauce.
And I've decorated it with cherries soaked in brandy and angelica.
There you are - brown bread pudding.


How to Make Brown Bread Pudding - The Victorian Way

81 分類 收藏
ally.chang 發佈於 2020 年 3 月 10 日
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