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  • his roommate's waiting continues.

  • He's electrifying.

  • Start to the season United one city mill.

  • It's really again.

  • Foster has lost.

  • It still has a chance of a very terrible error by Ben Foster.

  • Tevye said it up.

  • Barry did the rest.

  • Water mess.

  • 11 kicks bullet.

  • Just come again.

  • It's his first legal for almost a year, and it comes against City, too.

  • Melody hasn't Oh, what go better?

  • Stunning strike City were behind for just a couple of minutes on Bellamy in his first Manchester.

  • Darby scored a stunning goal, too.

  • 10 minutes to go takes John Go Fletcher again his second head.

  • And it took me the winner 10 minutes from time.

  • Bellamy's away.

  • Bellamy's away.

  • Here, Bellamy can equalize.

  • It's better.

  • He has Nightmare United.

  • Terrible mistake by further.

  • And Bellamy still had a lot to do, and he did it on its 33 peaks.

  • Smooth.

  • Welcome to Manchester.

his roommate's waiting continues.


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曼聯 4-3 曼城 (09/10) | 英超經典 | 曼聯 (Manchester United 4-3 Manchester City (09/10) | Premier League Classics | Manchester United)

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