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  • global Energy Stadium, home of Ross County.

  • Tonight's at home in the Premier League to Glasgow Rangers, our first game saying Rangers, I live in Scotland.

  • Inverness Sun is up.

  • Rages on one.

  • See Joe A Rebo starting tonight for the Dodgers were in the jail end of the grounds in Rose.

  • See pretty good seats.

  • Re buy Watch here Tonight's Global Energy Stadium Joe Rubio Number 17 tonight, last season's playoff way.

  • Athletic gyro, robo All night.

  • Whoa!

  • Generated by getting the tree.

  • All right, let's go Beautifully.

  • Ciao.

  • Bye bye.

  • Just roll Bye.

  • Beautiful cross.

  • Wait, Charles Time Ross Can New Glasgow Rangers three First Rangers game on Agree by what's tonight, It's not gonna bother filming the second off his game is very clearly one lot of despondent home friends.

  • One actually accused me of working for Rangers TV until explain, we were told on a season ticket holders were charting shirts on way.

  • We're here simply to keep an eye on a Rebo and check out how he's doing.

  • And after that, he was my best mate and we was only about many things I have to say as well, So impressed with the support a Rebo must be loving the Rangers support season.

  • Very vocal.

  • Evan showed up for the entire half.

  • Superb support for Rangers here tonight.

  • A Rebo setting up the first goal had a hand in the second goal and also involved in this just by my stance as a cue, anger actually is put through by Rebo and wait last minute.

  • There is really a very good way No.

  • One self induced Motherwell to one joy that guy.

  • Thanks for joining Charter Choice TV here tonight on this special acts.

  • Ross County vs Rangers A Rebo Watch Reba head on excellent game with Jersey involved in all four goals to Gold's.

  • Morales, very impressed with the Rangers, supports the Courts Place Rangers, the equivalent of where they fit in English football on Dhe.

  • Because Ross were pretty poor, I would say they are about as good as an average league one side.

  • So I think range is a big place and good football passed it about where they took chances.

  • Good finishing.

  • I would say that probably would be from here shit some to some degree, maybe meet premierships or so lower standard, but certainly a comprehensive win Tonight.

global Energy Stadium, home of Ross County.


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喬-阿里博(格拉斯哥流浪者)VS羅斯郡 - 30/10/2019 (Joe Aribo (Glasgow Rangers) vs. Ross County - 30/10/2019)

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