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Hello, everyone, Welcome to another video.
Now, with the release off the brand new rising 3000 serious chips, it's no surprise that a lot of reviewers are focusing on the top end offerings over today.
I wanted to give you my first impressions on this, the newly released, rising 5 34 100 G, a chip that is essentially a Zen plus refresh off the previous 2400 G.
So let's get straight into it and see what it can do in a couple of Cebu based tasks.
And, of course, some games as well.
Sorry, the 3400 g is a quart call AP you and just like the 2400 before it, it features on board Vega 11 graphics.
That's right.
No need for a discreet GPU.
Here it cost £139 or $149.
The initial out of the box difference you'll notice if you're in the previous trip is that this one comes with a Wraith spire cooler, as opposed to the slightly more audible yet still very capable Wraith stealth option.
A very welcome change in my book, beyond the aesthetics.
And here is how the 3400 G differs from the 2400 G in terms of specs.
While this isn't exactly an overwhelming redesign, we are getting a slightly higher clock speed on dhe boost clock up to 4.2 gigahertz from 3.9 on the Vega graphics, also running faster 1400 megahertz, up from 12 50.
Aside from that, the core count is the same.
Their cash is the same and the 65 What TDP hasn't changed either.
Which is good, because it means that this new CPU retains its appeal to those who might want to build a low power H, T P, C or gaming rig, something that the 2400 G has proved itself useful for in the past and continues to do so.
So let's run a couple of CPU intensive tasks to begin with, kicking things off with Cina Bench Ar 15 Amusing and Azraq be 3 50 pro four and 16 gigs of over clocked 3200 megahertz DDR foreign jewel channel mode.
Of course, I will say immediately that I did notice adult buzzing sound is the CPU fan got faster.
Maybe it's just wearing itself in, you know, like brake pads on a car.
Either way, it's annoying and hopefully not a common or prolonged issue.
No, I'm not gonna lie to you guys.
I sold my 2400 g a while back, but I do still have a couple of results from the frappes tests stored on my computer.
So we'll get to that when I test the first few games in order to make a comparison.
Don't bear in mind some of these games may have had updates since then.
That might affect performance, so I'll be doing a new comparison between this AP you on dth e other rise in AP use very soon if that's something you want to see.
First of all, though, if we check out the sinner bench ar 15 score here, you'll see that it slightly outperforms the ice 7 47 70 k.
Below that, we've got a couple of other IE seven's arrives in 5 1400 the other 3 91 100 f trailing at the rear as well.
I think this is a pretty impressive result, and from what I remember, this is about 20 or 30 points ahead of the rising 5 24 100 g.
Please don't quote me on that.
But I seem to recall that scoring about 100 and 20 if we move on to the single court test, then this thing sits between the eye.
3 91 100 f on the I 5 46 70 k A slightly older yet still very capable chip.
I think that's a decent result in again.
You're probably looking at a few points more than the rise and 5 24 100 g Now, because I'm in the middle of upgrading my PC, I let my 10 70 go the other day.
So it seems that I had to rent out this entire video using the 3400 g running something like Premiere Pro is still doable.
I think in comparison to the older 2400 g say you're rendering a 32nd 10 80 p 60 f p.
S clip, then the rise and 3400 G is going to be a few seconds quicker.
But shall we move on to the games now?
The first few results here I am able to compare to the older 2400 re as I have some scores still on my computer, but as I say, there may have been a couple of updates since then.
So I will be doing another comparison with updated results very soon.
Now, with the 3400 g nothing but the integrated Vega 11 graphics, I was able to achieve an average of 67 frames per second at 10.
80 p in Grand Theft Auto five.
I think this is a very impressive result, especially when you look at those 1% on 10.1% figures as well.
51 47 indicates very little to no stutter whatsoever.
And you should feel free to turn those settings upto high in order to maintain a solid 30 f.
The reason I stuck with normal here was to try and hit 60 something.
I wasn't exactly expecting to be doable, and as you can see, the result was pretty good.
Now, from what I have here, it seems that the 2400 g averaging around 63 where that difference does make a nice well difference, though, is in games where you may be hovering on that line of playability on otherwise For example, if with a 24 100 g in this game you're achieving 28 f.
P s because you've cranked all the settings right up using a 34 100 you would probably push you over that 30 f ps limit.
Cranking the settings up isn't something I'd recommend doing again.
A 10 80 p.
I ran a fortnight here with the medium preset.
Nothing else was changed and we saw 55 frames per second on average again, a pretty impressive result.
If you want the solid 60 turn a few things down to low.
But I think this was a pretty decent experience.
The 1% import 1% loans came back as 38 19 respectively.
So there were a few stutters here and there, most of which occurred when jumping out of the bus at the beginning off the game and after that thing sort of smoothed out a little bit now compared to the 2400 G that averaged 46 f ps with similar settings.
So it's a nice improvement with this chip in this game, but that result will, of course, differ from title to title.
No implant unknowns battle grounds.
As expected, we had to turn things down to very low, but we did average 48 frames per second, which I think was quite impressive for these AP You at full HD resolution, especially when you consider that the 2400 G, as I remember, averaged around 35 to 36.
So there is a nice improvement with this chip here again.
Please don't take these results to literally, because I will have an updated comparison coming soon.
But these are the results that I have stored on my PC from the last time I tested out the 2400 G.
Now, if we move on to some of the games that I don't believe I've previously tested with my rising 5 24 100 G.
This is all new territory for the 3400 here.
And let's kick things off with Battlefield five, a mixture of low in medium settings.
Once again, at full, HD gave us an average of around 36 F.
P s during this tank level.
I think that's a pretty impressive result.
Once again, this is a pretty intensive level during this game.
So for the a P U to be ableto handle it with at least 30 frames per second.
I think that's a pretty good result.
And if you want something that's going to be able to run these Triple eight titles without much of an outlay in terms of budget, then this seems like a fairly decent choice, especially if you want to build something brand new.
As you've probably seen throughout the Vega, 11 graphics are maxing out 100% usage.
They are, in fact holding the CPU back fallout for it's slightly older.
I believe it was released in 2016 but with the medium settings at 10 80 p were ever drink 40 frames per second.
Here I was just running around Concord, a pretty demanding area in the game, and we saw a few frame drops here and there, but nothing major getting pretty decent quality graphics here on dhe.
Relatively okay, performance.
I believe the consul's running at 30 frames per second for reference.
The graphics will probably look slightly better, but remember, this is a £139 a component that I'm sure we'll drop a little bit in price over the next few months as well, or at least its predecessor certainly will.
Now rage to was the only game I couldn't get around with at least 30 frames per second, a 10 80 p.
But once I turned things down to 900 p and used the low preset, we were seeing 38 frames per second on average.
You know, I've been having a lot fun with Rage to recently on The open world has Bean quite fun to explore, and I'm glad to see that it runs on this AP.
You quite well, too.
It's really nice to see a huge improvement over some of these older AP use that we've seen over the years.
For this to be ableto handle, these modern Triple eight titles really is quite impressive.
But then again, so was the effort mentioned 2400 and 2200.
Considering this is sort of the replacement, I certainly thought it was worth checking out because you'll probably see this.
Used a lot in budget, builds the rise and 5 34 100 genes.
Is it worth it?
Well, launching at £139 it seems to be a pretty good option, as I say, for those wanting to build an HT PC or very entry level on dhe well priced gaming rig.
You have to remember, though, that with the release of this, the 2400 G has dropped to around £120.
Here on Amazon UK, £20 cheaper.
I think if you're going to opt for a rise in a P u, the 3400 G is the one to get it.
If you are watching your money a little bit more, you want to save a tiny bit than the 2400 G should still be a very good option as well.
It will perform similar even today on.
Of course, if you overcook it a little bit providing have a suitable motherboard, then it shouldn't be hard to get close to this performance.
Or maybe even, um, out do it.
That's something I'll have to investigate.
But looking at this on its own A £139 or $150 computer component here, then I think it's a pretty decent choice.
Don't know what was up with my fan.
It's still making ought buzzing noise.
I hope this isn't a general thing, because it never happened with the Wraith stealth caller that was packaged with 2400 G.
But hopefully I've just been unlucky.
I did purchase this.
This wasn't sent to May.
So who knows?
With all that said done, thank you so much for watching If you enjoyed it, lever like leave it.
It's like if you didn't subscribe to the channel, if you haven't done so already and hopefully I'll be back very soon with more rising 3000 coverage, let me know what you want to see next, because I won't happy to cover anything in this brand new set up on.
Hopefully, I'll be putting together my new PC.
You might own personal set up very soon and spoiler alert.
It'll probably feature a brand new rise and chip.
So let's get that Intel CPO out of my house.


Gaming With The New AMD Ryzen 5 3400G!

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