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  • there's gonna be whipped in there.

  • Shop in there, especially Ward.

  • And it's deflected in half way.

  • Old traffic controllers smooth down on Ward.

  • Quickest to get there.

  • Bates Michael's just looping over him.

  • Team again.

  • One jump again.

  • Good running into the area.

  • One chop shops and scores and this killed with Manchester United.

  • Fans.

  • Can't believe it steps inside.

  • Film level goes around.

  • Calista gets into the area.

  • Beats Michael one.

  • Chop makes its mark on the Premiership against the champions.

  • Good strength.

  • Great bull control.

  • On a fine finish about ball cancer.

  • Six and schools Majesty and I stood back in it.

  • Keeper a bit to do their storage headed towards goal.

  • It's off the booth.

  • Darby have 1/3 goal to celebrate.

  • Came from vanished.

  • Smikle came.

  • Story went towards gold.

  • This is the comical part where youngsters slips into the net.

  • Storage waits for it to come off the post.

  • Johnson must have thought it.

  • Get there.

  • I just gave back off me up.

  • Right?

  • 31 Cancer.

  • Not badly at all.

  • That's a fine finish.

there's gonna be whipped in there.


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1996-97 - 曼聯 2 德比郡 3 (1996-97 - Manchester Utd 2 Derby County 3)

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