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  • How to light a lightbulb with only a potato.


  • How to read minds.


  • So, you wanna know how to read minds huh?


  • All you have to do is to pick up my new book "How to Read Minds" by Ryan Higa, that's me.

    你只需要選我的新書《如何讀心》作者Ryan Higa,那是我。

  • This is not as interesting as I thought it would be.


  • How to ask a girl out and never get rejected.


  • We've been friends for long time now and I was just wondering would you go out with me?


  • No, because we've been friends for a really long time and I thought you were dating somebody else


  • And I thought you like guys...Oh My God! what are you doing!


  • we need to get out of here!


  • So you do want to go out!


  • How to type faster.


  • How to revive a dead mouse.


  • Ha, there we are.


  • How to make a hit song that would be popular today.


  • I, got, I got! I got that..what I got...


  • I got a ... ah so frustrating!


  • Power? I got a power.


  • huh, what comes the next? I got a power!


  • How to piss off a guy.


  • kick his balls.


  • My ball!


  • hit his nuts.


  • my nuts!


  • Go for the testicles.


  • hehe, STOP! I have to finish this test, stop test tickling me.


  • I hate test tickle.

    我討厭考試瘙癢(音近 testicles)。

  • How to piss off a girl.


  • Is everything alright? you look...period.


  • Excuse me? - I said you looked pretty weird there, something wrong?

    你說什麼?- 我說你看起來怪怪的,怎麼了嗎?

  • Oh it's just... -Oh I know what it is, is that because you are on your rag wing now and it's getting dirty?

    喔只是... - 我知道是什麼了!是因為你現在有衛生棉的翅膀,而且它變髒了?

  • What? - Ya, you probably shouldn't leave on the ground if you don't want know, you probably want it to stay clean, so I just put there for you.

    什麼? 對 你也許不應該放在地上 如果你不想要...你知道,你也許想要他保持乾淨,所以我就幫你放在那

  • Oh got it! it's your next period huh? ya, your math with Mr Anderson is on next period, right?

    噢 我知道了!是你下次月經?對 你有安德森老師的數學在下個期間對吧?

  • oh ya. I know exactly what you are going through. I know your pain! I mean just sitting in class thinking oh such a heavy flow of math equations

    恩 我完全知道你的感覺 我知道那個痛苦!坐在教室裡面想著這麼多的流量的數學公式

  • you know, P equals MS and just totally cramps our style, you know

    你知道 P等於MS 就完全放不開(cramps 也指經痛)你知道

  • and that fake French accent, every time you come to class late he's like, whyovulate?

    和那個假掰的法國腔, 每次你上課遲到他就像 你為何遲到?(音近排卵期)

  • with the straighten hair, it's like it's so weird, man straightening hair?

    和燙直的頭髮 超怪的 男生燙直髮?

  • man straight, man straight hair just doen't go together. and why is it always so hot in there

    男人直 男人直髮就是不該在一起的組合啊 而且為什麼那裡總是那麼熱

  • you know he was always like do you want the temp off or the temp on?

    他總是說 你們想要溫度調高或低?然後大家都會

  • and all the kids are like temp on temp on temp on


  • Stop! could you please just stop?


  • wow, someone is definitely on her period i will see you in 3-5 days. depending on flow

    哇 有人一定是月經來了 我三五天後再見你吧 看流量多少

  • How to be a really good voice narrator


  • why are you keep reading like that? just read it normal! what are you talking about? that's what i'm doing


  • No, you're saying it all weird just say How to be a really good voice narrator

    不 你講得很怪 就說 如何當一個非常好的聲音解說員

  • How to be a really good voice narrator. yes, now record it

    如何當一個非常好的聲音解說員 好 現在錄起來

  • How to be a really good voice narrator


  • better


  • How to blow someones mind


  • last but not the least, how to blow someones mind all you have to do is to say the inference poem

    最後一個 如何讓人震驚 你只需要說推理的詩

  • If roses are red and violets are blue

    如果玫瑰是紅的 而紫羅蘭是藍色

  • and by the commutative property the colour blue is actually violet

    而從他們相交的區塊(交換律) 藍色這個顏色其實是紫色

  • and what two colours to make violet? red and blue which means you need red to make violet and since violets are actually blue. and that means you need red to make it blue

    而哪兩個顏色一起會是紫色?紅跟藍 那就代表洪其實可以做成紫色 而因為紫色其實是藍色 所以代表你需要紅色去做藍色

  • but what makes red? the past tense of read. Because the word you read more than any other word so far in equation?

    但什麼做成紅色?read的過去式 因為這字你在等式中讀最多?

  • blue. you read blue creating violet. and because violets are actually blue.

    藍色!你讀藍色創造紫色 又因為紫色其實就是藍色

  • it proves that not only did I just blow your mind but everything you just red (past tense)


  • actually just BLUE your mind

    其是讓你很震驚(blue blow音近)

  • How to find out how much of your life you wasted today


  • still going! still going! still going

    還有!還有 還有

  • now what? I don't know

    現在要幹嘛? 我不知道

How to light a lightbulb with only a potato.


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