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  • It is the most unforgiving place on earth.

  • Over 3.5 million square miles.

  • A vast wilderness.

  • It is the Sahara desert.

  • With people and cultures as unpredictable as the landscape.

  • Running fifty miles a day, it's a challenge. It's going the distance.

  • It's just pushing myself to my limits.

  • It's never been done, no one's ever run that far in that period of time.

  • That will be tough, it's a mental thing I think.

  • Imagine running 50 miles per day, for more than 100 days.

  • In an unprecedented personal challenge.

  • Three ultra-runners, good friends, test physical strength and mental toughness.

  • Running across the entire Sahara desert.

  • They are such high-end athletes. They are used to pushing themselves, but they're gonna

  • be pushing their bodies more than they ever have, in the past.

  • We've had injury, we've had sickness.

  • The best thing to do would be to stop for the day, but we have to cover some miles today.

  • Any Americans found there with outproper paperwork are gonna be considered spies, liable to execution.

  • We're gonna have to make the best decision for us, as a team.

  • It is so difficult for me, because the personalities are so different.

  • I don't wanna push us into the ground, obviously, but I'll push us damn close.

  • This is, you know, a lot tougher than you could have ever thought.

  • You can do this, you don't want to quit.

  • We saw a young boy, 7 or 8 years old, in the desert alone, fending for himself while his

  • dad was a 2-days walk away to get water. That's the water situation, I mean it's so much bigger

  • an issue, than I would have ever thought.

  • Narrated by executive producer Matt Damon, and directed by James Moll, a personal and

  • compelling journey into the world's most mysterious wilderness.

  • The purpose of the three of us coming here, was to learn more about each other, to learn

  • about the people of the Sahara, and to do something that hasn't been done before.

  • They all three agreed that if one runner went down, they would be out of the expedition.

  • I thought your commitment was different than that.

  • When is the end?

  • The end is when we get to Cairo.

  • It will be a life-changing experience and not just for the three runners, for everybody

  • who is along on this journey.

It is the most unforgiving place on earth.


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奔跑的撒哈拉 (1080p高清) (Running the Sahara (1080p High Definition))

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