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All right, so I'm pretty sure invented this
I'm not positive, but I've never seen anyone do it before.
This is the most perfect way to get people to stop talking to you that you don't want to talk to.
If you do this I guarantee whoever's talking to you will stop talking to you.
So I started doing this when I'll be out with my friends. We're all dancing and having a good time
We got our hot girl disguises on , not in the mood at all to get hit on. Mother fuckin' kid you see we're having a girls' night?
We do not want to talk to you. Now don't get me wrong. 99.9 percent of time I will talk to anyone that comes up to me
And I am super nice. You can ask anyone. It's a fact.
But as soon as your penis touches my butt hole, without me knowing, then I'm not happy
It's like dance rape. I don't want your junk grinding all up against my ass
We do not know each other. This is all happening so fast
Can I get pregnant from this?
So, what do you do? You walk away. That doesn't work though. You can turn around and tell a guy
Ewww! Go away. They don't care. They hear stuff like that all the time.
So, what I start to do is this.
This guy comes up to you, starts dancing on you
You turn around and give him one of these
Now the trick is you don't say anything the whole time
You stand there frozen. Don't change your face. Don't look around
Don't talk to your friends. Just stand there.
Now, most people's first reaction is he's gonna start laughing at you.
He's gonna be like, (sound) dude, cut it out
Then make him a little angry. There be like Dude, what's your problem? I'm just tryin' to dance with you.
Then he's gonna say something like Whatever, you're fuckin' weird!
And walk away. I swear. It's like the greatest thing I've ever come up with.
You can use it for virtually any occasion.
For someone that you don't want to talk to
Almost all the guys ask you, 'Excuse me, miss. Can you spare a dollar?'
No, I can't. I'm broke as fuck and You smell like piss.
So, just throw him this one
He does not want your dollar anymore.
Knock, knock on your door. Who's that?
Excuse me, miss. Do you have time to learn about Jesus Christ?
Nope. No, I do not.
It's like 2pm on a Saturday. How long is this gonna take? I got stuff to do
You seem like a nice person, though. I feel bad saying no
Just throw him the face for awhile
They'll leave your house right away.
It's awesome.
As long as you don't care that that person will forever think you
you're ever the strangest human being they've ever met in their life.
Everything works out great. You are welcome!



不想跟陌生人講話時的私藏大絕招! How To Avoid Talking To People You Don't Want To Talk To

339694 分類 收藏
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