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Think she's cheatin' on me?
No, I don't think so.
Well you should definitely talk to her.
She's cheatin' on ya bro—drop her, right? [The Perks of Being Straightforward.]
[The Perks of Being Straightforward.]
Nice tights.
Are you flirting with me?
You wanna take me out tonight, you should just ask.
Wha... damn.
Personally, I love being one of the many girls who is blunt and honest.
I mean, it gets you what you want.
Also, we're usually the ones who decide where the group of friends is gonna eat for lunch that day.
We should get sushi today.
No, no, no, let's get Chinese food.
Okay, but sushi's better so...
No, Chinese food sounds good right now so...
Okay, it's the same thing.
No, that's racist.
Uh, stop it—we are getting Mexican.
So that's cool.
But sometimes, you can rub people the wrong way.
Chris, you gotta take that hat off man.
New Years was like two weeks ago, come on.
My dead grandmother gave me this hat.
And uh, sometimes, it can get you into trouble.
Guys, we just had a crazy year this year.
Yeah, like that tie.
But people trust us for the truth.
And those are my ideas.
-Great. -Thanks.
-Really good job. -Thanks.
-Quinta. -Yeah?
How was it?
Girl, you killed it.
-Really? -Yes.
Thank you.
And when we do get what we want, we usually have a ball with people who appreciate us the way we are.
You're gonna come over.
And you're gonna meet my friends.
Don't tell me what I'm gonna do.
Well, it's not a big deal.
You're gonna come over and you're gonna meet my friends.
And we're the kind of people who can start a revolution.
I can't give you guys Martin Luther King Day off this year.
That is unacceptable, okay?
Martin Luther King did not die for our sins, so that we could work on his birthday.
I thought that was Jesus.
I don't know. I just want the day off, so let's hear it.
Amen to that.
(cheering) We should not work on that day!
Okay...okay. You guys have the day off.
Basically, keep being blunt.
The world needs people like you.
Otherwise, how would we get anything done?
Alright guys.
I think we should still get Chinese food.
Eugene Lee Yang, we are getting Mexican food.
Come, come on.


總是一不小心說錯話?個性直接到底是好是壞?(The Perks Of Being Straightforward)

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