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  • Dear Nadia,

  • sorry I had to kill your boyfriend, but it was the motherly thing to do.

  • Suicide, however, not very motherly of me.

  • I ran from my enemies for 500 years,

  • and then one day, I stopped.

  • Now a new enemy wants me dead.

  • Sure I can run from the travelers, but there's still one enemy that I can never escape, time.

  • So call it pride or vanity, but

  • after the life that I've led, I refuse to drift off into the sunset.

  • Good-bye, Nadia.

  • What are you doing?

  • I told you you either

  • face your problems, or you run.

  • I chose option 3.

  • And what problem has you

  • jumping off of a clock tower?

  • I'm dying, Stefan. I'm dying of old age.

  • I don't know the cure did something

  • to speed up the entire mortifying process.

  • You're Katherine Pierce.

  • Suck it up.

Dear Nadia,


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斯蒂芬和凱瑟琳 - 吸血鬼日記5x08 SUB (Stefan & Katherine - The Vampire Diaries 5x08 SUB)

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