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Having a bad day, huh?
Why else would you click into this video?
I bet we both could think of a thousand reasons why life is treating us unfair now.
Justifying every right for us to hang our heads and feel upset.
I feel you. I honestly do.
However, today I wanna try something different, something new that will hopefully make a difference.
I wanna suggest us--
you and me..
a cure, a remedy.
Something that won't change reality itself, but will change the way we perceive ourselves.
And that is very important.
So here it is...
I would like you to think of three things that you've done right in the past that helped build you up or set you up today.
Three things that you've done right in the past that helped you today
So I'm gonna start with myself here.
And just one for example, ...
I worked extremely, extremely hard, and I didn't give up during the hardest time of my life.
When not a single person had faith in me at all.
But I hung in there, and eventually I pulled it off.
And that is one thing that makes me really proud of myself.
Something that's worth a pat on the shoulder.
Nice going!
Now, it's your turn.
What have you done right in the past that helped you today?
Let's give you a quiet moment here.
A few moments later
Got one? Great! Write it down. Bear it in mind. Don't forget it.
'Cos this is how it works.
You see, for me...
I face lots of challenges in my career.
There is a lot of uncertainty in my daily work.
And every now and then, I do have doubts about myself.
I do question my decision-making.
Quite a lot!
It's okay to have doubt.
You see, the thing is, what really matters is--
"How we deal with it"
So whenever I have doubt about myself, ...
I think of that time that I took that leap of faith.
Shifting into the media industry with no relevant experience or degree.
Wishing upon a shooting star, hoping that I'll have a positive voice in the world one day.
Literally, nobody believed in me.
Everybody thought I was out of my mind.
But I dug in my heels.
I worked my guts out.
I defied gravity, took off and luckily landed on my feet.
Whenever I think about it...
it gives me the confidence and strength to head on with what I've set out for.
In one way, if I hadn't persisted in doing so in the past..
I would probably be wearing the same shirt and tie, sitting in the same office room, doing something that I'm probably not interested in.
Instead, now I am talking to you on screen, ...
doing something I love, and hopefully making a positive impact in the world.
On the other hand, if I choose to give in now...
to let my doubts get the best of me...
then I am allowing my past to go to waste.
The past is the foundation of the present.
Everything you are today was built on the things that you achieved yesterday.
And by recognizing the right things you've done in the past...
you are acknowledging yourself today.
And that is pivotal mentality for success
So what were your three magical things? Let us know share it down below.
I would love to give it a look.
As for now, this is a wrap for this video
I will see you next one.
'till then, God bless you all and peace.
Did I...?
Did I not tell you that I have a second...
I forgot to tell you guys...
For the past few years, I didn't tell you guys that I have a second channel?
My bad, my bad. Ah...
This is like having a secret child, but not making it public
That's... that's a bad analogy, but...
Yes, I have a second channel, that's right.
For the past two years, it's been out already.
And this is probably the first time that I'm making it public to you guys.
So the thing is I made a different video about this very same topic from a very different point of view.
A more faith-based point of view.
And if you've been following this channel long enough you probably know by now that I believe in God.
And I love to share about my spiritual living.
I love to share about in-depth questions about life.
And a lot of it roots in my belief
In fact, a lot of the ideas I have for these videos originate from my belief, my faith.
And so while I love to share about my spiritual living...
I don't want to be talking about religious stuff on my main channel.
'Cos you know religion is not for everybody.
Maybe it should (be).
So I made another channel. And I'm putting all that stuff on my second channel.
So if you want to check it out, here is the icon. You can click right here.
I'm gonna put it right under my armpit, right here. So that you remember. (What?!)
And the video is gonna be here Oh,
Check it out, second channel, right?
Lots of great stuff.
Alright, that's about it.
I'm gonna go have lunch



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ally.chang 發佈於 2020 年 2 月 26 日
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