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  • Selling or showing this film to persons who are under 18 years old

  • should be forbidden, because of the many graphic depictions

  • of cruelty and brutality in the film.

  • It was in April 1985, the time of full cherry blossoms in Tokyo,

  • bizarre cartoonist Hideshi Hibino received one horrible parcel

  • from an unidentified person who calls himself an enthusiastic fan

  • of the cartoonist, Hideshi Hibino. The parcel contained one 8mm film,

  • 54 still pictures and a 19-page letter. The letter told the cartoonist

  • that a horrible and bizarre crime seemed to have been performed by the person

  • of aesthetic paranoia in some secret place. The 8mm film was considered to be

  • a vivid and authentic film showing an unidentified man chop the body

  • of a woman into pieces and put her into his collection. Therefore, this film

  • should not be shown to other people. Hideshi Hibino newly created this video

  • as a restructured Semi-Documentary based on the 8mm film, pictures and letter.

  • No!

  • Look! This is your fate!

  • The women is at present in a state of ecstasy from an injection of drugs.

  • She feels no pain at all, as you see. Not only does she feel no pain

  • but the feeling is rather pleasurable. When her bright red blood starts to creep

  • voluptuously and creature-like on her white skin, like blossoms of blood

  • and flesh blooming in a sea of red, truly a dazzling, intoxicating rapture.

  • There is absolutely nothing more beautiful in life than this.

  • I am going to show you the ideal of beauty.

  • First of all, red blossoms of blood blooming from her wrist.

  • Next, full blossoms from her shoulder, and from her red lips.

  • Now, for the last moment, a big flower emerges around her petal

  • and wraps her body with blooms and fragrance.

  • And now, her bowels start dancing wildly on her body and bloom many blossoms.

  • Next she wears a necklace of bright red blooms around her neck.

  • Well, now, the finishing touch is to take out her precious jewels.

  • Ah, this is the most beautiful thing of a woman's body. This is it!

  • Finally, blood and flesh blooming perfect flowers.

  • Now, I will put them into my collection.

  • Now, I am going to present my collection to you.

  • Fall, fall, fall to the bottom of Hell,

  • pool of blood,

  • sea of fire

  • and needle mountains.

  • Fall man to hell.

  • Fall, fall, demons of Hell are calling you,

  • pool of blood,

  • sea of fire

  • and needle mountains.

  • Can't you hear the groan of the dead?

  • Fall, fall, the darkness of Hell is boundless,

  • pool of blood,

  • sea of fire

  • and needle mountains.

  • It is the lullaby of hell.

  • This is the summarized story of the contents of the 8mm film,

  • still pictures and letter. It is assumed that at least two criminals

  • where involved in the crime. One has executed the person

  • and the other has taken this film. At the same time,

  • many women have been victimized. According to our source,

  • the police started a secret investigation.

  • It is also assumed that such an unprecedented bizarre crime

  • is in the criminal record of Japan and will become clear in the near future.

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Selling or showing this film to persons who are under 18 years old


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