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(hip hop music playing)
- [Inna] Guys, today we're making
the Fast and Furious cocktail!
Vroom, vroom, vroom!
- Is that how your car sounds? - What?
- Is that a goddamn Prius? Sounds slow as shit.
Okay, let's make this drink!
- Vroom vroom vroom vroom vroom vroom!
(laughing) - Don't.
- I'm sorry! Never own a Prius, okay?
Can't get laid in that shit though.
All right, unless the chick's a vegan. Okay!
These some glow in the dark ice cubes are found on Amazon.
You can get 'em anywhere.
And these represent the lights that they have
usually underneath their cars.
- Vroom vroom vroom!
- Rum! Apple Pucker, Blue Curacao!
Same time together!
Stop! - Beautiful.
- Right here.
- Wow, that's so cool!
- Stop!
- I think it's more here than here.
- Really? You sure? - Yes.
Okay, who cares? Who cares, it's America!
- Clean your pipes, like I said the other time.
They're not in the working condition.
- Your body wanna clean my pipes?
It's been a while! It's been a while!
Top it, okay? - Mmhmm.
- Perfect.
Okay, grab some blueberries.
Put in a little bit too much ice.
- Your shiny head was right into my nose.
- And just drop some in.
Put 'em underneath.
- Here.
(makes choking sounds) (giggles)
Yes! It worked!
- I'm dyin'! I'm dyin'!
You know what my dying wish is?
- (laughing) It's okay. It's okay.
It's gonna be over soon.
Just, just. (whimpering sounds)
- Shhh. - Dyin'.
Can I have one wish before I die?
- Which one?
- Just to make out wit' you this one time.
(growls with disgust) (laughs)
- Don't let me die!
Come on!
- Just keep feeding blueberries.
- You know what, that's fucked up, okay?
Okay, I'm dyin', and you're shovin' shit
down my-- - I know you're not dying.
- I saw a bright light! Okay?
- You're dying in my dreams.
- There was a bright light, they're in the white suits
saying, "Come this way; that's where the party is."
- Let's hit this with some lemon lime soda.
- Mmhmm.
- And we adjusted this with a little bit of soda water.
- Wow.
- Now tell me that ain't a magnificent looking drink.
- Catch me, catch me!
- Okay, ready? - Wooo!
Oh my god, is this the death--
Ahh, woah! (laughing)
Were you scared?
And there you have it.
The Fast and Furious cocktail.
My name's Dominic. Yeah.
And my girlfriend supposedly died,
and then came back the last time.
which is where the shit makes no sense.
But hey, I just roll wit' it,
since I'm Dominic.
Come on, put your lips on this.
- Tasty, yummy. - Ya like it?
- Mmhmm. - I freakin' like it.
- Mmm, blueberries.
(singing music, snapping fingers)
- You've got a big dent on the back of your car right now.
- Big dent? No, not a big dent.
- What did ya hit?
- A lady, not a lady, but a woman in a car.
- You hit a woman in a car.
She was behind you, right?
- I was just backing, no.
What happened is--
- You did not look, and ya backed up.
- Yes, but I was in a very stressful situation,
because I was halfway into the intersection,
and nobody wanted to let me go,
so I had to back up,
and that was a-- - So you were like halfway in.
- Yeah. - No one would let you go,
and you're like, fuck it, I'm backin' up.
- I was scared, because the car was coming
in on me, and I saw her eyes.
- So rather than hit a car, you hit another car.
- Yeah, that was very--
- Yeah, that's a smart decision.
I'm Vin Diesel.
I'm an actor.
Go see my new movie, Fast and Furious 7
where I'll show you a range of acting skills.
Here's me scared.
Here's me angry.
Here's me happy.
Here's me sad.
Here's me after a workout.
Here's me during a workout.
I am Groot. - Groot.
- That's is him,
I am groot.
- Oh, I am Groot.
- Your biggest check was just
to walk in there and say--
that's probably like just one day's work.
I am Groot.
(normal voice) Thank you very much. Have a nice day.
See you all at the premiere.
One fuckin' line! Okay?
Oh, two lines.
We are Groot.
Yeah, thank you. Thank you!
Thank you, send my check in the mail.
Okay, make sure the shit ain't short like last time.
It's called Mermaid Water, okay?
- H2O.
♫ Wake up early one morning
♫ Kiss my mama goodbye
♫ Going back to the islands
♫ Say don't worry mama, don't cry ♫


Tipsy Bartender 教你做《玩命關頭》調酒 (The Fast and Furious Cocktail - Tipsy Bartender)

92 分類 收藏
羅世康 發佈於 2020 年 2 月 25 日    羅世康 翻譯    Evangeline 審核
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