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A common question is: Should I put my photo on a resume?
The answer is no.
No, you shouldn't.
Okay, cool, that's finished.
Oh, you're still here.
I guess we should fill you in on other things that don't belong on a resume.
Firstly, leave your address off the resume.
You don't tell strangers your address, right?
Protect your privacy and safety by leaving your address off the resume.
Employers don't need to know and it will stop an employer discounting your application because they think you live too far away.
Leave your birthdate off the resume.
Your age is your business and age discrimination is real for older and younger workers.
You are not required to tell an employer your age and it should not factor in whether you get the job.
No personal characteristics or interests.
Are you married, single and ready to mingle?
Well, employers don't need to know about that.
Just like employers don't wanna see your photo on your resume, they also don't need to know about your personal characteristics.
So keep it professional and get to the point.
No career objectives.
I am a hard worker and I wanna build my skills so I can reach the top of the professional, stop.
Employers want to know what you can do for them, not what they can do for you.
Instead of a career objective, place a summary statement at the top of your resume.
Keep typos out of your resume.
A resume is your first impression with an employer.
So proofread your resume.
And then do it again.
And then again.
Don't let grammatical errors ruin an opportunity.
In summary...
Summary: Leave these off the resume: keep your photo away, leave your address off the resume, no birthdate, personal characteristics or interests, beware typos.



【生涯規劃】履歷上該放自己的照片嗎?完美的履歷不該出現... ? (Photos on resumes (And other things you shouldn't do))

1463 分類 收藏
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