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Writing can seem like an impossible task when you're learning English.
The good news is that with a bit of practice, you'll be writing with ease in no time.
Let's take a look at different ways to improve your writing.
This may sound a bit strange, but read as much as you can.
You'll be amazed at how many writing tips you can pick up by simply reading.
You'll pick up the writing tone, different styles and new phrases,
all of which will help you.
Next, try writing and ask someone to read what you've written.
I know feedback can be tough sometimes, but finding out if you're getting your ideas across
is an important step in improving your writing.
It can be scary at first, but can be the most rewarding bit of the writing process.
Ask a friend, teacher or classmate for their feedback.
Did they understand your text?
Did they enjoy it?
This can help you understand what worked and what didn't.
Don't take it personally, and focus on what needs improving.
You don't always have to write long pieces of text to improve your writing.
With all the social media platforms out there, you could try microblogging or getting involved
in forums and chats in areas you're interested in.
If you are organising a book club, you could also write down your thoughts before you go.
Another easy way to practise your writing is to keep a diary.
It can be as simple as writing down what you did during the day.
Or you could treat your diary as a notebook for ideas to develop later on.
With writing, it's not about the length of each text but it's about writing as much
as you can in as many different situations as possible.
With a few minutes of consistent practice every day,
you will gain confidence in no time.


如何改進你的英文寫作 (How to improve your writing)

538 分類 收藏
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