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Dietician Allison bones wants to show a group of office workers
Just how much energy in the form of sugar these carbs release into their bloodstream
Foods we've got a bagel and a chocolate muffin
Hey, I would say that that is more sugar than this one. Maybe two cubes for that one
We're calling this blood sugar bingo quell our volunteers
Guess the equivalent cubes of sugar in each of these foods. What do you think?
Five two minutes got let's go five. Okay, so you've gone for the the muffin as the slightly higher one
I'm just gonna add to that
So ten sugar cubes and that muffin this one so you've gone to two so it's more starchy less sugary
Yeah, let's just add this one Oh what well maybe not
More sugar, there's eleven sugar cube
In this bagel. I'm shocked. I won't lie. I'm shocked. Yeah what you're saying
Is that in the bagel when you eat it you chew it up and start to digest it
Your body is breaking that starch down into that quantity of sugar. Yes, privileged sugar. Yeah. Yeah exactly
This is a portion of white rice and then you've got nice bowl of strawberries, right? Yes
Let's go for five
Never approach ago was right
Strawberries I would half of that Bowl
They are sweet
Okay, so in this amount of strawberries there is
Four sugar cubes
Oh, yeah, so we'll only taste sweet
Actually, the amount of carbohydrate that they contain is is quite small
So let's compare that to this portion of rice then so you've gone for face. Oh,
Really it's grains of sugar that we know more that is that's just when you should the cube equivalents
Jacket potato. Yes. Can you not do that as my favorite food potato?
I would go with similar to the bagel. Yeah, like about ten. You've got quite a good poker face Allison
There's 19 sugar cubes and in this jacket potatoes almost almost double what you something I'm so sorry. How do
Where they hide in order sugar
I think one of it one of the key things to take away from this is that looks can be deceiving
So just because a food doesn't necessarily taste sweet
Doesn't mean that there's not gonna be
sometimes an awful lot of sugar going into your system after you've eaten it the thing that this really Rams home for me is that
there was a huge amount of energy in a potato and that pile of glucose there that will your body will turn the potato into
Will be stored as fat unless you burn it off, you have to be careful about what you're putting in your mouth


每款食物的含糖量很驚人呢! (The shocking amount of sugar hiding in your food - BBC)

1201 分類 收藏
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