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(upbeat, pop music)
Emma tell them what we're making today.
Today we are going to make the Harley Quinn
and the Joker shot.
Check it out homeboy, my little red headed Harley Quinn.
Crazy as ever.
(both laugh)
Now I watched the movie, she watched the movie with me.
I liked it.
It was a good movie but I didn't expect it to be
the kind of hit that it is right now, okay?
Cause I mean,
this beat Deadpool and Guardians of the Galaxy.
Now, if you ask me, they were two better superhero movies
- But this one was fun.
- Yeah, they were all fun.
- Yeah, that's true.
- But did you really think
that Suicide Squad better than Deadpool?
- I didn't watch Deadpool.
- Well, you should, okay, it'll change your life.
Okay, don't even tell me that Suicide Squad
because ya'll outta your minds if ya'll believe that
but it was a good movie.
The critics primed it, okay.
The audience came back and was like, guess what,
F you all, you all don't know what you're talking about.
That's why, I don't even know why we have movie critics
because I prefer to hear regular persons opinion
than some paid dude who's sitting down
that don't know shit about movies.
Let's make these drinks!
This right here, homeboy, is what drink?
The Harley Quinn.
- Harley Quinn shot, okay.
Now remember in the movie, what was she chewing?
- Bubblegum.
- Exactly, so we're coming out
with some bubblegum infused what, Emma?
- Rum.
- Exactly, so we just stick a couple bubblegum,
what is plural?
You gotta roll them a little bit.
You gotta turn them into something
that look a little, ya know?
- A little what?
- Turn it into a little chubby, okay?
(both laugh)
Then just slip it in there.
Once you got your bubblegum in there, alright,
you pour your little rum in.
And you let that sit.
After it sit a little bit,
Now, Harley is a woman that gotta a lot of stuff going on.
- She has a lot of issues.
- So, let's start off, yeah,
let's start off with some ice.
- Okay.
- Okay, hit that with some blue syrup.
- Okay.
- Now we can come behind now with some more
of this pina colada thingy thingy.
To give us a nice light blue.
Okay, Emma.
- Shake it?
- Shake it and keep it sexy.
So, I just come right down there.
Now, I know some genius is going to be watching this
and go, wait a minute Sky.
You're using the colors of Harley Quinn from the movie.
That's not her real colors.
Her real colors are black and red.
Shut the hell up.
Did you watch the movie?
I go with the movie okay.
Alright, half these dudes don't follow all of the comics
and know all the stuff you know, Mr. Know-it-all.
What color was her outfit in the movie?
- White, pink, and blue.
- Exactly.
- But mostly white.
- Remember this?
Exactly, so let's hit it with some white.
Okay, Jesus, lord woman.
I mean, it's a shot.
Hit it with some coconut rum.
Okay, alright, lord have mercy.
- Now what?
- Since you like coconut rum, let's go balls deep then.
Shake it and keep it sexy.
Okay, stop right there.
You notice the blue, you notice the white.
Now, what was the other color featured in her?
- Pink.
- Pink, okay.
- So, we're gonna use the pink bubblegum rum.
- Exactly.
Now, we hit it with white one more time.
Okay, go ahead.
Now, let's hit this with some of this bubblegum vodka.
- Oh, look how much.
- Just pour it in.
Now, let's also hit that with a little bit of strawberry.
Just a little pour.
- Just a splash?
- Yeah, good.
- Oh no, not that one.
- The chicks a psycho.
Seriously, would you want to date her?
Of course not, okay.
I've dated psychos before and I know what they're like.
Go ahead, pour some in.
(both laugh)
- I'm not adding any more than that.
- Why?
- Because have you smelt this?
- Okay, sorry, you're right.
Okay, we're good.
Shake it and keep it sexy.
- That is so pretty (claps)!
(glass breaks)
- [Man] Bang!
- [Emma] His hair is green
but his colors are purple and green.
- Yeah, okay, yeah.
You know the Joker, okay.
Yeah, okay, he a lot of different colors
depending on where you see him.
Okay, so let's hit this with some melon liqueur.
Hit it with some coconut rum, okay.
Alright, because it's really about the melon.
I don't want it to turn too light.
I prefer a darker green like a creme de menthe.
Only then the drink would really taste like ass.
Shake it and keep it sexy.
- That's a pretty color.
- We can start off with this pina colada Sobe drink, okay.
Wonder why half of it's gone?
I was thirsty.
Hit it with some coconut rum.
- My favorite.
- Stop.
Just to keep the coconut theme.
This right here important, okay?
- That one is strong.
- This is an overproof rum.
It's Joker okay?
So, he have some sweetness to him.
He looks like he's a nice guy til you realize he's a psycho.
This is psycho right here.
Add that in.
- [Emma] Really?
- [Man] Yeah.
- [Emma] Oh gosh.
- Okay good.
Shake it and keep it sexy.
- You shake it and keep it sexy.
- Shake the damn thing woman.
You ever see me shake the drink?
(upbeat, pop music)
Okay stop.
- Yeah!
- Joker homeboy.
And, so now we just do the presentation.
So, we could just present now.
- What do you mean present?
- I mean do a shot.
And there you have it.
(both laugh)
The Joker and Harley Quinn shot!
Which one you wanna do?
- This one.
I already tried this one, I know it's too strong.
- Really?
- Mmmhmm.
- What are you saying the Joker too strong for you?
You don't find the Joker sexy?
- A little.
- So, you like Jared Leto?
- No.
- You like dudes that look kinda like girls?
(girl laughs)
Do the shot man, do the shot.
- Okay, cheers!
It's really good, it's really good.
It just took me by surprise
because I didn't think it would be that strong.
I thought this, well this ones definitely the strong one.
- Homeboy, that pink, that right there.
With this.
That potent.
But see, you notice the syrup and everything afterwards
to wash that down, okay?
Alright, your boy Tipsy Bartender here.
We got you all covered.
In the comments below,
tell me if you think Suicide Squad better than Deadpool
or better than Guardians of the Galaxy, okay?
Because I think some people out of their damn minds
when they review this movie.
Stay tipsy!
(upbeat, pop music)


Tipsy Bartender 教你做《自殺突擊隊》一口酒 (Suicide Squad Shots - Tipsy Bartender)

94 分類 收藏
羅世康 發佈於 2020 年 2 月 18 日    羅世康 翻譯    Evangeline 審核
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