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- All right?
- Did you just burp?
- No, I didn't, I didn't.
- Sorry.
- Did you just fart?
- No, it sounded like you burped.
- It smells like you farted.
- Jello!
- All right.
Moving on!
(upbeat dance music)
- [Skyy John] Emma, tell them what we're making today.
- [Emma] Today we are making
rainbow watermelon vodka Jello shots.
- Exactamente.
Homeboy, have you tasted the rainbow?
But have you tasted the rainbow
in a Jello shot in a watermelon that has vodka in it?
Okay, a lot of stuff going here, okay?
- And pretty.
- Damn right.
Okay, this kind of stuff,
you walk around with that in the club...
Probably get beat down, actually, here in most clubs.
I'm just saying, okay.
There's some prejudiced people out there,
but this is good stuff.
- It's awesome.
We're going to cut the watermelon in half.
- You think they...
- You're going to cut the watermelon.
- You think they blind?
You don't think they don't know we can do?
They see me with a hatchet in my damn hand, okay?
- Please don't shake that towards me!
- You see that, homeboy?
- Woah.
- Perfectly even, okay.
Kind of.
All right?
- This one, this is the big one.
- Evenish.
We can cut this now.
- Ugh.
Dribbled into it.
- Say something racist so I can cut you.
- Let's scoop it all out.
- And there you have it!
- A watermelon bowl.
- We're done!
See you next week.
We got our hot water here, homeboy.
- And our Jello.
- Go ahead, add some Jello to that.
You need about six packs of gelatin, okay?
'Cause we adding a ton of booze to this stuff.
- And we need to make it firm.
- Right.
And you need this to be firm.
So now we come in behind that
with a good cup of booze.
- This one we're using strawberry vodka.
- Oh yeah.
Strawberry, homeboy.
Oh yeah.
And put this in the fridge, homeboy, okay?
I know you can't see me but just know it's in the fridge.
Check it out, homeboy.
- I thought you were gonna drop that.
- You see the Jello in there?
You see the Jello in there?
Put in your Jello.
You need six packets of gelatin again, okay?
'Cause remember, we need this to stand up.
What's this called now, homeboy?
Just like with the last layer, you could use a cup
to a cup and a half of booze, okay?
You go as high as two cups.
- I'm not drinking out of the bottle.
That's gross.
- Do it for America.
- No, I'm not drinking out the bottle.
- Come on.
- People have to drink from that.
- This what Donald Trump was talking about
with these immigrants.
(Emma laughs)
It's done.
- You can't see it, but it is yellow.
Berry blue Jello.
- Hold on, hold on, you know what?
Let me just add the gelatin the same time.
Six packs.
Flair bartending, homeboy.
(both laugh)
- That's so much!
What the hell?
- Just hold it steady, homeboy.
- Go up to here.
- Okay.
Hold it steady now.
- It is steady.
- Steadier.
- It's steady!
♫ Hold it steady for me, please
♫ Hold it steady for me, please
- This layer is gonna be extra-boozy.
- Perfect pour!
Perfect pour!
Put it in the fridge.
- Can you open it for me?
- You want me to open the fridge for you?
- I want you to put it in the fridge.
- I'll open the fridge for you.
No, I'm not opening no damn fridge!
You open it yourself!
Figure it out!
Oh Lord, oh Lord.
Jesus Christ, Lord.
(Emma laughs)
It's half on the ground already, okay?
Keep going, keep going.
You can do it, Emma.
- I can't!
- You can do it.
- Oh, Lord.
Would you open it with your mouth?
What kind of...
(Emma laughs)
Aren't you glad you free of the English?
- Skyy, it's spilling everywhere.
- Whoo hoo hoo!
Put that right there.
- Watermelon.
- Look at that.
You gonna bite the blue or you gonna bite the yellow?
- I'm gonna bite it all.
- And there you have it!
Rainbow watermelon vodka Jello shots!
You still jump out.
You shoulda known that was coming, okay?
- I know, it's been six years and I still jump.
- It's been six years?
It ain't been no six years.
(Emma laughs)
Eat the watermelon and stop crying.
- Ready?
Okay, we're gonna try it.
- That's a huge-ass bite.
That's how you feed a woman, homeboy.
Watch this.
- My mouth is already full.
- Hey, baby.
(both laugh)
- Stop that!
What are you, like 12 years old, man?
Grow up!
- Ugh, my face is all sticky.
- You're gonna be a dump, okay?
I've got pig all over the side of my damn face now, okay?
(Emma laughs)
Lucky I ain't a Muslim.
All right!
- No.
- It already there.
All right, homeboy, put some likes on this video!
Okay, if you're offended by this video, too damn bad.
Stay tipsy!
- Stay tipsy!


Tipsy Bartender 教你做伏特加彩虹西瓜果凍 (Rainbow Watermelon Vodka Jello Shots - Tipsy Bartender)

103 分類 收藏
羅世康 發佈於 2020 年 2 月 15 日    羅世康 翻譯    Evangeline 審核
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